How do I setup my Cogeco email account in Outlook?

April 24, 2017


Cogeco is also the mailing platform which is been launched by one of the telecommunication industries. This service has been founded and developed by the Cogeco telecommunication industry.

Steps to set up Cogeco mail account in your Outlook account:

As we all know that Cogeco is the telecommunication industry, which basically means that provides the facility to get connect to our beloved people by the means of internet connection. It offers the facility to connect to our person and as well as with our employee from al over the world. And in case if face any kind of difficulty then call the ‘Cogeco helpline number’. This is free of cost mail service by Cogeco.

Step 1: Turn on your computer system.

Step 2: Move to the ‘Start’ menu then after choosing the ‘Microsoft office outlook’.

Step 3: Go to ‘task bar’ and select ‘tools’ from the given choices.

Step 4: Search for the ‘email accounts’ in Microsoft office outlook.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Add a new email account’ after proceeding from the upper section.

Step 6: After choosing that just click on the next option.

Step 7: Look for the IMAP settings and again click on next button.

Step 8: Enter details in the provided box like – your username, Cogeco email address, and password.

Step 9: Now move to server settings, and enter the incoming mail server in the required box and also the outgoing mail server in required box. As and in the desired field.

Step 10: Tap for the more settings options and choose ‘yes’ to remember your password.

Step 11: In the outgoing server, enter the mail address and then click on the ok button.

Step 12: After clicking on the ok button, just move to next and then finish.

Your Cogeco mail has been linked with the Microsoft office outlook application. Now one can directly access to their Cogeco mail account by login from the outlook account itself. One will receive the Cogeco emails on the outlook mailing platform.

If still these messages are not able to get by any of the users then kindly contact to the ‘Cogeco toll-free number’ who will provide you the proper guidance and support.

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