Change iCloud ID on Mac

June 27, 2017

iCloud provides information sharing services.With the use of an iCloud you can share information between iPhone, iPad and a computer. If you have iCloud then the information is updated automatically.

iCloud service is freely used by users, it runs in the special background wirelessly.You can synchronize other information with iCloud such as iTunes, contacts, notes, document and Safari bookmarks.

If you want to create your iCloud account then first you need to create your Apple account, then you can use your Apple id mail address for sign in with iCloud account.

Steps to change iCloud id or create an iCloud id on Mac:

  • First, you will have to log in your account which you want to change.
  • Then you need to pull down the Apple menu and you need to go to “system preferences”.
  • Now you will have to choose “iCloud”.
  • Then you have to click on “sign out” of the existing iCloud id on this account.
  • When you will be logged out then your documents and data may impact, for escaping this you do not need to be logged out, you can use a different user account.
  • Now you will see that iCloud preference panel has been changed into a simple login screen when iCloud has finished logging out of the Apple id.
  • Now you have to log into the other Apple id you want to change to the active Mac user account.
  • You need to check if this is new Mac user account then you need to create new apple id in the system preference panel for iCloud.
  • Now your current iCloud id will change into new id, for this, you have to remember that it will impact your logins,iTunes, app store, i Messages, Facetime, and contact.
  • Then you have to go to an ios device and then go to the setting options.
  • Now you have to scroll down and you have to click on iCloud and finally, your new account will create and the old one will be replaced with new one account id.

Now you can easily change your iCloud id but still, if you are getting any issue then you can contact to iCloud customer support.Apple provides a highly efficient technician for resolving your query.They have full knowledge of about Apple products and Apple services.

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