WordPress Website Is Down

April 16, 2018

How to fix Wordpress website is down Issue

Who doesn’t loves blogging these days? Blogging has become an essential part of our life. We all love either writing or reading blogging. Blogging is one of the most vital things to share your information, data or promote your product. One such popular blogging platform in the world is WordPress.

WordPress is one of the major names in the blogging domains. It is one of the world leading and most popular blogging platforms in the world. Its popularity can be accessed from the fact that it has more than 300 million user base in such a short span of time. Apart from that it also helps in providing extra features on their platforms like the addition of social network, plugins and beautiful themes which helps us in increasing the visibility and reach of our content to the wider audience. But sometimes the user does face problem while working on the Wordpress, one of the common problem user faces is regarding my website is down and how can I fix that. A user can take the assistance of the Wordpress support team or first figure out what is the cause of this problem.

There might be numerous reason behind the website being down or having an issue. Some of the common reason behind it is:

  • User domain or the webpage have expired.

  • Unfinished/incomplete auto updates.

  • Problem-related to the plugin and theme.

  • Abruptly server getting crashed.

  • Issue related to Hosting of the website.

  • Denial of service attacks or hacking 

My WordPress website is down: what can I do?

Expiring of Domain :

It is one of the possible reason behind the WordPress website getting down as most people forget to renew their URL or domain. In order to fix the problem user needs to go to the domain hosting a website where you purchase this domain and apply for the re-registration of your domain.

The problem in Auto Updates or unfinished auto update

Wordpress has many theme and plugins which are installed on their website which is keep getting an update at a regular time. But sometimes something happens and the Update gets wrong as well as things get not as planned. In order to resolve the issue which may result is technically downing of the website or brief period of time. In order to resolve that such issue never occur again, the user needs to auto update the first step is to put your site into a proper maintenance mode which is inaccessible to the user so, the error message will not be pulled out.

The server is crashing frequently

This is one of the problems which occur regularly at certain intervals as there is too much pressure on the WordPress server. In order to fix the issue user needs to look whether you have not exceeded your allocated PHP memory if this may be the case then it ’s better to increase it as this is one of the most common problems behind the server crashing.

Plugin and theme conflicts :

Wordpress has one of the most common problems with their plugin and themes. It happens everytime you keep updating the themes with auto updates. It might cause due to some code error or problem in functioning or script that causes the conflicts with your WordPress. To fix the issue, make sure to log in to your FTP  through your website and then disable all the plugins and check whether the website is working normally. In case, if you face any theme update problem then user disable your current theme.

Hosting Provider Issue :

There might be slight chances that your website is not properly hosted and lacks certain features which might lead to the problem. If this is the issue you face while working on the WordPress then the only possible thing will be to uptime monitor tool and remain in touch with your hosting provider.

Website Under Denial of Service Attack

These days it has become common to have your website under a denial of service attack which might result in not access to your attacks. In case, if you are facing either of the problems then its better user need to realize the problem quickly and share the information with your host provider.

In spite of all these issues, User does face the problem related to the website being down. Then the user can take the assistance of the Wordpress technical support team. They have a highly qualified technical expert team which are well versed and have years of experience to make sure that all your possible solution will be provided to fix the problem on time. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure that all your technical concerns should be noted properly and effective solution will be provided to you.

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