SMTP Server error

February 13, 2019

Fix SMTP Server error in Email

  1. Open your email client program (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora or Windows Mail)
  2. Click 'Accounts in the 'Tools' menu.
  3. Click on your email account then click 'Properties button.
  4. Click 'General' tab.
  5. Ensure that the 'E-mail address' is your valid address for this account.
  6. Click 'Servers' tab.

How do I fix my outgoing mail server?

Open Mail app and go to the Mail menu, then select 'Preferences' Choose the 'Accounts' tab in the preferences window. Select the mail account that is experiencing problems and/or errors. Look under the 'Account Information' tab and click on 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)' and choose 'Edit SMTP Server List'.

How do I fix SMTP server error on Iphone?

Scroll down to MAIL > CONTACTS > CALENDARS, and click on that:
  1. Then click on the account you need to update the SMTP settings for.
  2. You will get to the EMAIL INFORMATION page for that account. 
  4. Now you will see a list of OUTGOING SERVERS that have been configured on your iPhone or iPad.
How to Find My SMTP Server IP Address?
  1. Click on the 'Start' menu, type 'run' press enter then type 'cmd' press enter (type without quotes)
  2. A command prompt will open in a new window.
  3. Type ping space smtp server name. For example 'ping' and press 'enter'. This command try to contact the SMTP server through IP address.

How do I find my SMTP port number?

From the bottom right of the Internet E-mail Settings page select More Settings. On the Advanced tab you will find the section for Outgoing server (SMTP) port number. If this says 25, remove and type in the alternate port 2525 or 587.

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