Reset Tp Link Router Password

July 8, 2017

Tp link routers as we all know is the best among all the routers that help the users to get connected to the internet so that the users can undertake all their internet related works easily and efficiently. But on the other hand, there are circumstances in which the users of this router wants to change tp-link router password for various security reasons. So, for changing the password the users just need to follow certain steps that are mentioned below in this article.

Steps for changing the TP link router’s password!

  • First of all the users are required to open the web browser on which they have to work.
  • Then, in the address bar of the browser, enter the LAN IP address of the router and after that select enter.
  • Users should enter in the address bar as it is the LAN IP address of the router.
  • By doing this the users will go to the login page of the router where they need to enter the username and the password of the router.
  • Further after signing in the users are supposed to select on management option and from there go to the access control.
  • And then they are needed to select on password menu that is mentioned on the left side of the page.
  • There the users are required to first enter the old password in the old password option.
  • In the new password, options users are required to enter the new password.
  • Once the users have entered the new password, they are required to select on save and then on Apply to save the settings option.
  • This will make the changes in the password.

Hence, these are the ways by which the users of TP-LINK routers can change their router’s password whenever they forget the tp-link password. These steps are easy but when the users are entering the new password, they need to enter it correctly so that no issue is created in this process. This forgetting of password issue has become common and occurs every now and then by the users. But, this troubleshooting steps that have been mentioned above is the best way to solve it and to get back the access to their routers.


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