Reset Lost AOL Email Password

June 14, 2017

AOL email service provided by America Online organization. You can link your AOL account with other email accounts from other service providers. Sometimes AOL instant messenger (AIM Mail) service referred as AOL mail. Like any other email service your account may be deleted if your account is inactive for 180 days. It provides the unlimited storage capacity and protection from viruses and spam.

If you have forgotten your AOL account password then you need to follow AOL Mail password recovery process. If someone hacked your account then you can not sign in with your old password, so you need to reset it. You should create a strong password which includes alphanumeric alphabets and special character so that no one could easily guess your password. You can not recover your old password because for the security reason AOL doesn't store any log-based information of users. In this scenario, you have to create a new password for your account by following the password reset process.

AOL Mail password reset process

If you have forgotten your email password you don't need to worry about it, just go through following steps to reset your account password.

  • Type the “” at the address bar of your browser.
  • Go to the login screen and click on the “forgot password” under the password box.
  • For the verification enter your AOL account address and username in the email and username field.
  • Now click “Next” button.
  • AOL need to verify that this account belongs to you, so you need to select one of the recovery options from followings:
    Reset password using recovery mail: If you are using this method then you will receive a mail on your recovery mail account which consist of instruction to reset your password. In your recovery mail inbox open the mail titled “request to reset your password” and then click on the “Reset password” button. Now enter your new password and click “Save”.
    Reset password using the text or call option: In this approach, you need to enter your recovery contact number and then select text or call according to your preference. You will receive a verification code by text or message call which based on your selection. Type that code in the “enter code” box and then click “Next” button. Now enter your new password and then click on Save button.
    Reset password through answer the security questions: In this approach verify your information by answering some security questions then fill in the form and click “Next” then enter your new password and click “save” button.
    Reset password by verifying payment information: You need to click on the verify payment option. Now fill the form with your payment details and click on “next”. After that type your new password and click on “Save” button.


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