MS Excel Password Recovery

July 7, 2017

Microsoft Excel is basically a spreadsheet that provides the users the facility of calculations, graphic tools and much more for their work. On the other hand, many users have their account on it which is secured with a password.

But, there is time when the Microsoft Excel users go through excel password forget issues and are willing to retrieve their password back. So, for this purpose, the users are supposed to undergo various steps that will enable the recovery of the excel password. Password recovery process can be undertaken by downloading the excel password recovery tool from the official site.

Steps for Microsoft Excel password recovery!

  • First of all the users are required to install the Excel password recovery tool on their systems.
  • After installing the tool the users need to run the tool so that it can work accordingly. Users should make sure that the program is completely downloaded.
  • Now the users are required to add the password protected excel to their program. For doing this:
    - Go to the file option.
    - Select on the open file menu and after that, the file dialog pop up should be opened.
    - The users then need to search for the password protected excel file.
    - Select on open so that the program can be loaded into the file.
  • Further, the users are supposed to click on the password recovery mode.
  • Once the password recovery mode is selected select on start the recovering password option that is mentioned in the Microsoft Excel file.
  • For doing this the users are required to select the start button that is given at program’s top side.
  • By doing this the password recovery process will be enabled.
  • This process will take few minutes or hours depending on the type of password the program had.
  • After the recovery process is finished a dialog box will pop up that will inform the users that the password has been retrieved.
  • The pop-up box will also show the correct password of the Microsoft Excel.

Therefore, these steps should be followed by the users if they want to recover the password for their Microsoft Excel program. The users should keep in mind that these steps should be followed very carefully without any errors.

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