How to Verify a PayPal Account

November 22, 2017

Paypal Account – is an American Company operating worldwide which help to make the payment more convenient that supports online, it operates as an electronic alternative to the ongoing paper methods as checks and money orders. It is the world’s largest internet payment company; it also acts as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users and most importantly it charges fee for its services,

How to verify Paypal Account

How to verify Paypal Account – it is necessary to do it as it will allow the individual to send, receive and withdraw money within the limit and in order to do so one has to take following steps

  • Click on summary if one is not able to see summary then the individual can also click on Menu
  • First and foremost go on the link which is, however, if one is not individually not logged in then click on Log in and hen it will ask the individual to enter credentials
  • Move down to see how much you can send with Paypal which can be seen after you click on More about your account, it will show up all the options sending limit per year, withdrawal limit and be receiving limit per year
  • Now come to the stage where you have to click on Get verified this helps the individual to pay less fee and have restrictions at all levels like lower limits on the payment which the individual can send, receive and withdraw

Verifying Paypal in the United States

No all the individual is required to do is follow the steps on the screen out of the below-mentioned points, one has at least complete the two points if the individual is verifying in the United States

  • One has to enter the Social Security Number
  • One may be asked to link or credit card it should also include expiry date, billing address and card security code then it will ask the individual to verify the code which is in the description that Paypal will initiate in one or two business days
  • At times you may be asked to provide and link banking account and routing number, if instant linking is not available then it will ask you to verify the small amounts will make in two or three business days

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