How to Set up Roku Express

November 23, 2017


The Roku Streaming Player, or just Roku, is a chain of digital media player set-top boxes contrived and distributed by Roku, Inc. Roku partners provide extravagant series of content in the form of various channels. You never again have to plead and pretend to be indebted to your cable organizations in the event that you need an expansive scope of TV alternatives. On the advent of gushing gadgets like Roku, it's never been less demanding to cut the harmony. What's more, once you do sign up with Roku, you'll never think back.


For the customers whose budget is under $30, the Roku Express is the best option as it incorporates a High-Speed HDMI Cable—additionally, there's no month to month hardware charge. Furthermore, with access to so many free channels, there's a bounty to stream without spending any additional cost. Setup is as secure as it can get. Connect it in, interface it with the web, and begin streaming your favorite channels.


  • With a short and well-ordered setup and a very simple on-screen understanding, the Roku Express is ideal for new clients, however sufficiently intense for the prepared masters.
  • From motion pictures and tv series and sitcoms on Netflix and Amazon, to link options like DIRECTV NOW—stream the most discussed TV crosswise over free and paid channels with 5x more power than the past model of Roku Express.
  • For under $30, the Roku Express incorporates a High-Speed HDMI  Cable—and there's no month to month gear expense. In addition, with access to many free channels, there's bounty to stream without spending anything additionally at all.
Roku express specs


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Excellent companion/smartphone app
  • Roku OS rocks
  • Comprehensive search function
  • Huge channel library


  • No Ethernet port; restricted to Wi-Fi
  • Some input lag
  • No 4K/HDR support


Roku Express (model number 3900) bolsters the resolutions up to 1080p Full HD and boats with a Standard IR remote. This article portrays the item in more detail and frameworks along with the setup steps.

Note: Roku Express model 3900 is 5x all the more capable model 3700 and it replaces. Similar advances can be utilized to set up the two models.


Roku Express will work for any TV as long it has got an HDMI framework compatibility. It is prescribed to utilize the High-Speed HDMI Cable that accompanied your Roku Express. You can arrange for extra cables from the Roku accessories store.


  • You can follow alongside the instructional exercise video underneath, or download the Quick Start Guide.
  • In the event that it is essential to join your Roku Express utilizing the adhesive strip, do that.
  • Ensure the right TV input is chosen on your TV (the contribution to which your Roku Express is associated).
  • You should see the Roku logo on the TV screen as your Roku Express powers on.
  • Help is accessible on the off chance that you don't see a photo on your TV or you have issues with your remote control, or see a strong red light or glimmering red light on the front of the Roku Express device.

Going through Guided Setup

First step:- Select the desired language

  • The first screen that you will see is going to allow you to choose a language of your preference. All the messages and other communication within the scope of Roku application will be showed in the selected language only.
  • You can surf through the list and press the OK button given on your Roku remote to select a language.

Note: it is not necessary that all channels will support your desired language.

Second step:- Connect your Roku Express device to the internet

  • Select the desired Wi-Fi network from the list of networks available to you and connect to it.

Third step:- Wait for your Roku Express to download the latest software on its own

  • Once Roku express connected to the internet, it will by default download the latest version of Roku OS software that is available and then reboots your device.

Fourth step:-  Set your desired display type

  • Select Set display type option and sanction your Roku Express to auto-detect the best display resolution that is available so that you don’t have to physically arrange the settings. 
  • To be able to change the display type at some time later, go to Settings option and then go to Display type.

Fifth step:- Create a Roku account and then activate your Roku Express account.

  • To be able to activate your Roku Express, it should be necessarily linked to a Roku account first. Your Roku account retains a vigilant track of what all Roku devices you own and then allow you to add free or purchase different channels from the Roku Channel Store.
  • Instructions for triggering your Roku Express account will be presented on your TV itself, including an activation code that will be sent to you; e.g. “XVC342”.
  • You will then be required to visit on your computer device or a smartphone, enter the activation code and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Roku Express account.

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