How to insert a graphic or animation in MSN email signature.

March 18, 2017

Insert a graphic or animation in your MSN email signature

A graphic or animation will make the email signature more appealing as it would make it more meaningful.

  • Select options from the toolbar
  • Underwriting email option select message font and signature
  • Insert the graphics available on the publicly accessible web server
  • If you do not have website then turn to a free image hosting service
  • Press ctrl+C or command+C
  • In the signature editor, position the cursor where you want to insert the graphic
  • For image hosting service, click on the image
  • Link the image to the image’s page address
  • Select save

These steps will help the users to insert graphic or animation in the signature which would provide the signature more impressive.

Some useful info about MSN technical support

The MSN technical support will always be available for the users in their assistance to provide the solution for their issues. Users need to go to the support page of MSN where they will get a solution for different issues and continue their work easily. There would be different topics related to MSN issues which would be helpful for them to get the solution for their issues.

Users can avail the technical support for their issues related to different issues they go through while working on the MSN. There is also a separate section for billing support where they will get the solution for the issues related to billing.

There is also a community section where users will get discussion related to different issues which users face with the MSN.
Apart from the solution for the issues, there is also a mechanism to complain related the unsatisfactory solution for the issues. Their users can also report a support scam or go to the disability answer desk and report the issue faced with the support staff. This mechanism helps the user to make their work go easy.

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