How do I Resolve a Problem With PayPal?

November 26, 2019

How do I Resolve a Problem With PayPal?

Paypal is a well-known online payment system which helps the users in secure online transaction of money. It is the alternative for old and traditional methods i.e. checks and money orders.

Issues and fixes of Paypal

Although the service is widely used but there are times when a user faces problem while using Paypal. There could be a number of reasons that Paypal is not working properly. When a user enquires about how do i resolve a problem with Paypal, then below mentioned fixes can be tried:

  • Paypal is down: A user should access an uptime checker. It will let the user know if Paypal is not working or fault is at user’s end.
  • Confirm bank: It might be possible that the user is not verified for Paypal’s payments. If it is verified, bank can be contacted.
  • Use Paypal balance: If a user is unable to pay through card, Paypal balance option should be used. In case, there is no money in Paypal account, it can be firstly added from the bank account.
  • Make payment using a trusted device: The transaction might not be successful due to security. If transaction is made through a trusted device, there will be no issue.
  • Use different browser: Sometimes the problems are faced due to faulty browser. So, a user can try switching the browser to resolve the issue with Paypal transaction.

These troubleshooting steps will help a user to resolve Paypal not working issue.

Paypal Error on PS4

If a user wants to make payments for PS4, it can be done using Paypal. It can be completed using account management option, as mentioned below:

  • Initial step is to select settings, then playstation network, account information, wallet and finally add funds.
  • After that Paypal is selected and the user needs to choose the top-up amount.
  • In order to confirm the top-up, a user is required to login to Paypal account.

Paypal Error code PS4 issue is faced by the users during the purchase on the playstation. If the payment is done and still the user is unable to get the purchased application, refund request can be raised.

For any issue or query, a user can contact the technical support team of Paypal. The executives in customer support will assist the users with the best possible info and solution. The contact info of support is provided on the official website of Paypal.

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