Change or reset windows live mail Password 

June 30, 2017

Personal computer and emails have been the two technological revolutions that have been such completely transferred our way of life. Today's both means allow us to store and share the files, music, videos as well as documents and another type of resources. Our communication capabilities have been completely transformed after emails added the power of networks and over the course of time, we can now have sent a particular to anyone at any time within a fraction of seconds. Email forms the nervous system of towards communicating medium. Even though the rise of various social media sites and other application has not able to undermine the importance of email. It has radically transformed our life.

Microsoft is one such important company that has been the part of both the revolution i.e personal computer as well as email. Windows and their windows live are one of those key innovation of this company that has given commendable services to its customer.

If you are windows live user then you have experienced its great service. One of the issue windows live user do face is regarding the loss of access to its account either due to ones forget windows live mail password or someone has hacked one's account. In order to reset the password one can either take the help of technical support or follow some of the common procedures to recover windows live email ID:

Steps to change or reset windows live mail Password 

  • First of all launch, Your windows live webmail client.
  • Enter your User ID properly and click further on the forget my password button.
  • Then one next password, three screen option will appear which like I forget my password, I know my password but can't sign in or whether someone else is using my account.
  • Choose one of these options as per your preferences and click next
  • One needs to put captcha as shown and click on the next.
  • One needs to select one's secondary email address or Mobile number in order to recover one's account.
  • Select any of these options and confirm your action.
  • One's clicking next you will get a recovery code at your mobile number through OTP or on your email address.
  • You have to put the confirmation code and clicking on the next. You will get to know the password reset page.
  • Now create a new password and then retype it in order to confirm it.

In case even after that one faces issue then one can take the help of their windows live mail customer support by calling on their number which you will find by visiting their website and clicking on the support and then on Contact.

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