Influencer Brand Marketing with WhatsMode

June 11, 2018

WhatsMode - Dedicated Platform for Influencer Brands

Since the rise of the internet all over the world, there has been a growing trend of people taking their interests to the internet to share it with other people. During the past two decades, many new faces or people have become the new celebrities by using various platforms to create influence on different audiences.

  • Instagram, Blogospheres, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and many other platforms gave rise to a phenomenon that made a considerable change in the market.
  • Influencers on these platforms quickly gained popularity in millions as more people found them relatable and entertaining. They became the trendsetters of the millennial generation and transformed into the century’s celebrities.
  • But that is not all, their following and loyalty of their audience gave many influencers the right push to transform into brands themselves.
  • With requests from their viewers, these influencers developed their own product lines to sell on platforms like WhatsMode.

Basic Understanding of Influencer Brand Marketing with WhatsMode

Depending on the type of content they produced, influencers from various came to WhatsMode to develop and sell products that their audience would love. WhatsMode helped these influencers design, develop and sell their products on their WhatsMode website.

  • For example:- YouTuber Cloe Couture developed a product line called GLO which includes clothing, jewelry, and other accessories.
  • WhatsMode helped her make her designs come to life and ready to be sold to her audience that resonates with her sense of fashion and accessorizing.
  • Similarly, WhatsMode helped another YouTuber Adelaine Morin developed her product line that was relevant to her content and audience preferences. Her apparel line called BLUE includes pajamas, jewelry, and swimwear that are available on WhatsMode for her audience to buy.
  • Primarily influencer brand marketing involves WhatsMode helping influencers transforms themselves from just trendsetters into complete brands in their name.
  • Influencers like Maria Yuzhakova have their own product lines available for their followers to purchase. The whole process from inception to the final products advertised to audiences explains what influencer brand marketing with WhatsMode is.

One of the finest reasons to select WhatsMode is that they offer you with quality products at best price. 


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