Rogers Email POP and IMAP Setting

May 5, 2017

Roger is one among those company who constantly believes in providing that much technique so that person can do most of his work at ease. Whether it is the internet services, or television, or home monitoring system or cloud or home or wireless phone, Roger Communication has everything so smartly designed and developed that reduces the effort of its customers.

Roger Email is the service which is provided to its customers to communicate with the company or its executives. The user can use this email id for its personal communication too. It can be easily configured with Outlook. Here it is discussed that what are the server settings for Rogers email and how it can be accessed through Outlook.

Rogers Email POP & IMAP Settings

  • POP or IMAP, both are incoming servers. 




  • For POP, the user has The port number is 995.
  • For IMAP, it is The port number is 993.
  • For outgoing server, it is with the port number 465.
  • For all the servers, the user can keep SSL enabled.


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