How To Recover Cisco router password

April 7, 2017

If any time the users forgets their Cisco router password or they want to change the password then the users can simply follow the below-mentioned steps and can undertake any of these by just following the given steps.

Steps for Cisco router password recovery are as followed!

  • First of all shut down the router.
  • The compact flash should be removed from the router.
  • Then, again turn on the router.
  • Users then need to enter the command confreg0x2142.
  • The compact flash should then be put back again.
  • Enter reset.
  • When it will ask for initial configuration enter no and select on entering and proceed further.
  • Now, at the router, the users need to go to the prompt and enter enable.
  • Users then are needed to enter the configure memory command and select on it so that the startup configuration gets copied to the current running configuration.
  • To go to the global configuration mode users need to enter config t command.
  • Users need to utilize this command to make a new password for the router.
  • Once the new password is made reload the router.

Cisco router password reset steps are as followed!

  • First of all the users need to open any new browser and enter in the address bar and go to that page.
  • Enter the current username and password for the router.
  • After this select on the set up that is mentioned in the menu bar.
  • Then click on the quick setup option.
  • Now the users need to enter their new password for their Cisco router in the required space.
  • Once the new password is entered select on save settings.
  • Log in to the router with the new password.

If you still facing a problem in reset or recovery of Cisco router password then contact Cisco router technical support team.

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