How to Recover Lost or Forgotten Hotmail Password

April 11, 2017

Hotmail is basically the web mailing service which has now been changed to the i.e the official web mailing service provided by the Microsoft company is been named as the outlook account.

So the moment you opt for some Microsoft device like its android phone or system then in order to set it, you first of all need to create an outlook account onto the device itself.Now think of a situation where you have forgotten your Hotmail password and now you can not access your account since it shows the error of unauthorized access. So to  tackle it:-

Process to recover Hotmail password is given below:-

  • First of all, go to the
  • Then proceed further to the option of can’t access my account
  • Then you will see a page asking why you having trouble signing in
  • There you need to tap on the option of I forgot my password
  • Then enter the Hotmail email in the field of the Microsoft account
  • Followed by typing the captcha code
  • And then tap on the next button.
  • Then after selecting a proper verification method again tap next
  • Now enter the code you have got on the recovery mail to proceed with the process.

For the purpose of resetting the Hotmail password you just need to have a Microsoft account recovery tool along with the recovery email, recovery phone number as well as a verification app that is already linked to your Hotmail account. You may also be required to provide the answers to few things. In case you want to know:-

How To Reset Your Hotmail Password?

  • You need to browse the official home page of, then you need to proceed to the sign in page
  • Here one information thing is that you can even recover the password for an account that is inactive for around a year, or for an account that you yourself have deactivated till the span of 1 month.
  • Now moving further with the steps you have to click on the option of CAN’T ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT, which you will easily figure out just below your email address and password field.
  • Now you need to press the option of the I FORGOT MY PASSWORD, followed by clicking on the next button
  • Now you just need to enter the Hotmail email address for which your want to reset the password
  • Now it is the time to opt for a proper verification method i.e you can either go for the recovery method through the mail ID or through the phone number
  • Or you can even use an app for this purpose
  • Like here if you opt for the recovery email then you will get a verification code on that email ID then you just need to enter that verification code in the field mentioned and then
  • You will be forwarded to the page where you can easily set a new password for your account
  • One more method of resetting the password is first setting up some security questions for your account and then responding to these questions in order to verify the password reset process.

So in case you want to choose some other methods to do so then for the whole process, you have to contact the technical person from the company side. He will definitely help you out in the best possible way.The people in the technical team are really very helpful for the users who wants to seek any information.

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