Install Wordpress With LAMP On Ubuntu

August 1, 2017

WordPress has been referred as the excellent content management system on the internet.It helps you in getting the easy set up of blogs and websites at the top of MySQL backend with PHP processing. It is an incredible option and preferable choice for getting a website up and running quickly.

When the setup will get complete the almost all administration can be done through the web front end. There are times when individual need instant help with WordPress, there is need to contact support team immediately.

There are a number of issues associated to WordPress.An individual can see the solution for one:-

What is the method to install Wordpress with Lamp on Ubuntu?

STEP 1: - Individual need to take off following important things before going for the main process:-

  • There is need to create a sudo user on the server 
  • It is now required to install a Lamb Stack
  • Individual should secure the site with SSL

STEP 2: - User should first create MySQL database and user for the WordPress

STEP 3: - There is need to install additional PHP extensions

STEP 4: - An individual should now adjust Apache to allow configuration for .htaccess, overrides, and rewriters:-

  • Enable the rewrite module
  • Changes should also be enabled
  • It is also required to enable the .htaccess overrides

STEP 5: - It is now required to download Wordpress

STEP 6: - Also, there is need to configure the Wordpress directory:-

  • Adjust the ownership and permissions
  • Setup the WordPress configuration file

STEP 7: - Complete the installation process with the help of web interface:-

  • Language need to setup depending on preference
  • After that, the main setup page will come and will give the name of the WordPress site
  • A username could be chosen like “Admin” and a strong password need to be given
  • It is required to enter email address whether you want to discourage search engine from indexing the website
  • User will now be directed to page where they are prompted to do the login
  • After login, user will be taken to the WordPress administration dashboard

STEP 8: - There is now need to upgrade WordPress whenever required

People who still not find the above solution satisfactory, they need to connect with WordPress customer service team. Wordpress support team could be contacted by using the toll free or helpline number.


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