Download and install Internet Explorer on Android

July 3, 2017

About half of the population has a smartphone and it’s no wonder that about one-third of our web browsing is done via a smartphone - and the counting will only increase. Most smartphone owners - at least when it comes to Android - prefer to use the default browser one by one.

Some would think that the Android browser one is the best and that there is, therefore, no reason to change, and probably many users do not change their browser because they do not need it. But there are few who want to change the browser to Internet Explorer as they use it on their Windows-based computer system. So they want to download internet explorer on Android. Direct use of IE on Android is not possible but there are few methods that allow the user to use IE on Android mobile phones.

Internet Explorer On Android

Now using IE on Android is possible and you can use IE effectively to browse the internet on your Android phones. Microsoft has developed software called “RemoteIE”, which allows users to run IE on Android devices.

  • You can use RemoteIE with your Microsoft account.
  • Open and download RemoteIE for Android.
  • You can download Remote IE for Mac, iPhone, android as well as windows based device.
  • Start the app and click on Microsoft Remote App.
  • Enter your Microsoft account details.
  • You will get details of your subscription.
  • Click on the check box with “Internet Explorer”.
  • Now an entry for “Internet Explorer technical preview” will be added to the main Microsoft Remote Desktop app that can be accessed now using the Android.

Internet Explorer Issues with Android

Users who use IE on Windows based computer want to install internet explorer on Android need tech support to get internet explorer for their Android. The support executives give proper assistance that makes it easy for users to download and install Internet Explorer on their Android device.



I want to use internet explorer on android mobile using RemoteIE please help me.

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