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FuseMail is one of the best email service providers and It has a unique longevity in the email solutions business, FuseMail is now protecting over 25 million mailboxes and growing.FuseMail provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based email solutions for your business.Since 1994 FuseMail has given Fusemail technical support to more than 25 million mailboxes around the world.

FuseMail is one of the best email hosting service in the world that comes with the feature to work with various email services of Microsoft Exchange. FuseMail is used in most of the business world and it helps business communicate and grow accordingly. It also offers cloud-based features that keep its users secure and satisfied.

Millions of users rely on the services of FuseMail as because FuseMail is the world leader in terms of customer service, email security, and web filtering. So if you also want to be a part of this email hosting service, you can setup FuseMail account easily.

How to create FuseMail account?

  • First of all, open your browser and then go to the sign-up page of FuseMail.
  • Type a username of your choice into the given box.
  • Choose a password for your FuseMail and then re-enter it into the next field.
  • Enter your first name, email address into the next field.
  • Enter your street address, city name and required information into the given box.


  • Now choose the method of payment gateway according to your choice.
  • After that checked the box of terms & conditions.


  • Click on the Create FuseMail Account icon to complete the process.

FuseMail Password recovery

Forgetting your account password is the most common issue with any account. To recover your Fusemail account password, do the following:

  • Open FuseMail login page
  • Click on “Forgot Password
  • Enter your email address for password recovery.
  • Click on “Recover Password”.
  • You will get the password reset link to your alternate email address.
  • Open your alternate email id and click on the link in the email received.
  • Follow the instruction to reset your password.

How to configure FuseMail SMTP settings with Mac mail?

  • First of all, tap on the Mail menu and then choose Preferences.
  • Tap on the Accounts and then tap on the + sign.
  • Go to the Account Settings and choose Other Mail Account option.
  • Enter your Full Name, Email Address, and Password into the required field.
  • Tap on the Continue.
  • Choose your account type IMAP and then enter the following information:

                        Username: Your email address

                        Server hostname: smtp.fuse.net

                        Server port: 25

                        Authentication: Password

                        SSL/TLS: No

  • Tap on the Create icon to complete the process.

How to configure FuseMail account in Outlook?

  • First of all, open your Outlook and then tap on the Tools.
  • Choose Accounts option.
  • Now an Internet Accounts window will pop up and afterward tap on the Mail tab.
  • Choose Add and then Mail icon.
  • Enter your name under the Display name and then tap on the Next.
  • Enter your FuseMail email address into the given box and then tap on the Next.
  • Now enter the server information for Incoming mail Server and Outgoing mail Server.
  • Tap on the Next.
  • Enter a full email address into the Account name and password into the Password field.
  • Tap on the Next and then Finish icon.
  • Tap on the Advance tab and then enter the Server Port Numbers and Outgoing mail server with port 25.
  • After that, tap on the OK and then a Close button to complete the process.

For any further information or assistance dial FuseMail toll-free number and avail the top rated assistance from the adept professionals at 24/7 hours.

Facing FuseMail Issues- Take Instant Help for the same:

The users of the Fusemail may face certain issue while handling the Fusemail. Some of them are as follows. The users may take the help from the Fusemail Technical Support for getting the desired help.

  • The users of the Fusemail may have an issue in recovering the lost password. Moreover, the users of the Fusemail may also have an issue in recovering the old password and thus the users may face certain issues in it as well.
  • Also the users of the Fusemail may face certain issue while transferring the data from one account to the other account.
  • The users of the Fusemail may face certain issues like the Fusemail is not receiving the emails or their mails are being hacked by someone.
  • Thirdly the users of the Fusemail may face an issue in updating the Fusemail or in getting the contact list and the email ids of the users of the Fusemail.
  • Sometimes the Fusemail is not working is also an issue that the users face in their day to day lives.

Quickly get the Fusemail setup:

Nowadays the users of the Fusemail may quickly set up the Fusemail software by clicking on the setting to click on the option to install and update the same. In case the users face any issue then the users may take the help and the assistance from the Fusemail Customer Service for getting the desired help and the right assistance for the same.

FuseMail Techincal Support Details & Customer Service Number:

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