Tackling the various email problems of Dishmail email users

Dishmail account users are provided high security for their email accounts and any outside interference is also prevented. High protection against spam emails are provided and the user can also mark the emails as spam. Email processing time is much lower and attachments can be easily accessed along with the emails.The best thing with Dishmail is 24/7 customer service or technical support available.


Dishmail is popular to provide the best email services to the users helping them to manage their mailing services. Dishmail has been changing as the google support for the email service is backing off and a new version of Dishmail will appear for the users.

In the new version of Dishmail, users will observe a new theme and new features. The Dishmail technical support is also available for the users in case they find any difficulty in working on it.

How to sign in Dishmail

In order to sign in to Dishmail, users need to go through some simple steps.

  • Open Dishmail in your device
  • It will take you to the setup wizard automatically
  • Enter the username and password for Dishmail
  • Select the option of manual setup and tap IMAP
  • Enter the IMAP and SMTP server settings
  • Set other account options and select done when finished

If any Dishmail user facing any kind of problem's in sign in then they instantly contact Dishmail technical support phone number.

How to recover password in Dishmail

If it happens with the users that have forgotten the password which makes it difficult for them to access their account then they need to follow some simple steps to recover the Dishmail password.

  • Go to the Dishmail sign in option
  • Select the need help link and then enter your username and select next
  • Enter the last password you remember and select the next option
  • A verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number or email address
  • Click on get a text or call option or select the option of try a different question link
  • Answer the security questions which you have set up during creating your account

Users can also contact on the Dishmail customer support phone number and interact with the users to get the solution.

The user can easily create a Dishmail account and start accessing the emails.

How to create a Dishmail account 

  • Visit the Dishmail account and to create a new account click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • User registration form for the email account appears. Enter the personal details of the user which includes email username, number, and other details. Also, create the Username and Password for the account using which Dishmail user will log in.
  • Remember to enter the verification details of alternate email address and phone number correctly which can be used later for password reset steps.
  • Enter the Captcha details displayed on the screen and agree to the terms & conditions for completing the email creation process.
  • Now using the Username and Password details user can log in to the Dishmail email account and check for the emails & send emails. After all the email account related work is done before leaving to sign out of the email account.
  • Click on the Sign Out button to close the email account and so next time user need to log in again into the account which will protect the email account from any outside threat.

Users can also contact on the Dishmail customer support phone number and interact with the support team to get the solution.

Email settings are an important part for the incoming/outgoing of the emails from the account and also while configuring the Dishmail account with another device it is an important phenomenon. Using POP/IMAP and SMTP server settings the user can manually configure the email settings.

Set up dishmail.net email with iPhone (iOS 7 & 8) or iPad.

Note:- These instructions are for dishmail.net email. If you are using a DISH email address, you will enter your email as username@dishmail.net and replace all mail.dishmail.net and smtp.dishmail.net server names with mail.dishmail.net or smtp.dishmail.net.

Step 1:- Tap the Settings icon on your homepage, identified by the gray wheel

Step 2:-Tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars icon to view a list of your current accounts

Step 3:-Tap Add Account to start the setup process

Step 4:-Tap Other from the account type list

Step 5:-Tap Add Mail Account to continue

Step 6:-Enter

  • Name: Your name as would like it to be seen on outgoing emails
  • Password: Your current email password
  • Description: Name to be displayed when viewing your account on your iPhone

Step 7:-Tap Next to continue setup

Step 8:-Enter (note: some fields may be already filled out based on previous entries):

  • Ensure the IMAP option is highlighted at the top of the page
  • Name: Name to be displayed on your outgoing emails
  • Description: Name displayed when viewing account on device
  • Incoming Mail Server:

                   Host Name: mail.dishmail.net

                   User Name: Your @dishmail.net email address (e.g. username@dishmail.net)

                   Password: Your email password

  • Outgoing Mail Server:

                  Host Name: smtp.dishmail.net

                  User Name: Your @dishmail.net email address (e.g. username@dishmail.net)

                  Password: Your email password

Step 9:-Tap Next to accept these settings

Step 10:-Tap Save to return to the Mail, Contacts and Calendars menu

Step 11:-The accounts list will now show the new account settings. Press the Home button on your device to return to the main screen

Step 12:-Tap the Mail icon to open the email app.

Step 13:-Now your device setup is complete and it will begin downloading email

Configure Dishmail account with proper Dishmail IMAP settings 

  • While configuring the Dishmail email account with Android device if the email configuration is not done automatically then access the email settings and choose the option to ‘Add a New Account’.
  • Select ‘Others’ as the email provider and enter the email address & password and tap ‘Manual Setup’.
  • Enter the ‘Account Type’ as ‘IMAP’ where ‘IMAP Server’ will be ‘mail.dishmail.net’, ‘Security Type’ will be ‘SSL’ and ‘Port’ will be ‘993’.
  • Next tap on ‘Next’ to save the Incoming Server Settings and then enter the SMTP Settings. ‘SMTP Server’ will be ‘smtp.dishmail.com’ and ‘Port’ will be ‘587’.
  • Now save the Outgoing Server Settings and tap ‘Done’ to complete the setup.

The user can also enter the incoming server settings as POP3. For Dishmail POP3 settings enter the ‘Server Name’ as ‘mail.dishmail.net’ and ‘Port Number’ will be ‘995’. In the case of any problem with the email server settings contact the Dishmail customer support team for help and assistance. Support team deal with the problems remotely and provides effective troubleshooting steps.

Some usual threats that users mostly faced while accessing Dishmail 

Following are the problems for which the users could complain about the Dishmail technical support team:

  • How could the users remove the send and receive mail errors in Dishmail?
  • Is it possible for me to add, remove and change the signature in Dishmail?
  • How to activate and deactivate the account for Dishmail?
  • Why has Dishmail become unresponsive for certain period of time?
  • How could the configuration of Dishmail account be done in a sequential manner?
  • How to set ‘Account Preference” for the Dishmail account?
  • Why has the Dishmail domain problem in delivering the emails?
  • Why am I facing setting the profile picture for the Dishmail?
  • Google chrome is not showing compatibility in opening the Dishmail application

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