About Xerox printer:

The company is headquartered in Norwalk in the US. There must be millions of users of this product all over the world. Many users are successfully using the device and in other hands, many cases of failure also come in front of us. The company is highly reputed on the global level. The company is equipped with all the necessary machines by using which they are being able to manufacture many latest version of printers.

Xerox printers are involved in the formation of the laser printer, inkjet printers including wireless printer also. If being a user you willing to grab any support then you can approach Xerox printer customer service 24 by round the clock. Since there are many technical faults arise in the system and for this, you can contact  Xerox Printer Technical Support to get instant solution.

How to setup Xerox printer on your computer:

  • Locate your printer in your network with the help of your computer.
  • Suggest an IP address for the printer if one has not already been assigned.
  • You are also having an option to automatically assigned an address and assigned a different one.
  • Users should install the phase port for windows.
  • Install the appropriate latest version of the driver into your computer.
  • Create a printer into a printers windows.
  • Install on the workstation for peer to peer printing.
  • Install on a workstation for client-server printing.
  • You will be able to print anytime without any hassle.

How to install xerox printer driver on Mac:

  • To install the xerox printer on Mac OS X 10.7 computer click on the link support driver.
  • Download the latest version of OS x supportive driver int your computer.
  • Once the driver gets downloaded then double click on the installer.
  • Accept the license agreement and click on continue option.
  • Now run the installer and attempt to discover the printer device and then continue.
  • When you successfully discovered the device then enter the IP required by the device.
  • By hitting the Continue option you will be able to print from you Mac OS X device.

How do I connect my Xerox printer to WIFI:

  • You need to bridge wifi connectivity with a traditional hardwired network.
  • Your printer or MFP is not connected to a network but want the ability to print without any wire.
  • You want Google Cloud Print 2.0 tap to pair capabilities.
  • Want wifi direct which lets you connect your computer or mobile device to your printer.
  • You have to fetch connection between mobile and printer by entering the IP and password.
  • Now you will be able to print without any wire.

Solution for Why Xerox printer takes too long to print

If your xerox printer is printing very slowly then you have to go through the below-written steps carefully:-

  • Here you need to consider the fact that higher the resolution of your printer, the slower it will print
  • And in case you prefer the speed over the print resolution then you can select a print mode like standard or draft into your printer driver
  • Another thing that should be considered is that the large files with complex images always take longer time for the printer to process as compared to the small text files
  • One more way of speeding up the printer is adding the RAM in case your device has minimal storage then this step would definitely prove to be beneficial
  • If your printer is in the power saving mode then also it will take extra time to start processing before it starts to work properly
  • You can even print the pages two up that will cut the page count in half in the case of the lengthy document

Solution for xerox printer paper jam issue

One more common issue with the xerox printer is that paper gets jam in it while printing, then you can call on xerox printer helpline number or you can do as written below:-

  • To deal with this you need to, first of all, inspect the paper path and there you need to remove any foreign material present
  • Now when you try to remove the stuck page then always try to pull it out straight
  • If it is stuck tight then you need to stop the printing and try to find out how the pressure on it could be released
  • And if the sheet once starts to tear then it will take the much longer time to remove all the pieces.
  • In case you are trying to print the labels then you need to strictly follow the printer’s instruction for printing labels, since if they got stuck then it's really tough to remove them.

In case you feel any problem then you need to call on the xerox printer toll-free number.

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