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Pinterest is basically the very famous web and the mobile application that the company has created with the motive of operating a photo sharing website. It is basically summarized as the catalog of the ideas rather than just a social network that connects people, instead, it inspires the users to go out and do that thing. The main function of the Pinterest includes allowing the users to save the images and then to categorize them onto different boards and Pinterest user contacts Pinterest Technical Support toll-free phone number.

Basic Pinterest terms users need to know

Pin: Any new content added to Pinterest

Pinning: Adding something to the site

Pinboard: A collection of content or images, also known as pins, usually organized around a topic.

Following: If you follow someone on Pinterest, then you able to see their content on your personal board. "Follow All" follows an individual user, "Follow" tracks an individual board.

Repinning: Placing something from another board onto one of yours.

Liking: If you "like" something, the image gets added to your profile; the image does not become part of your boards (collections)

Pinterest for Businessmen

This application is also useful for the people who are businessmen since it provides the users with the facility of creating the pages which aim at promoting the companies online, these pages basically serve as the virtual storefront. So that the clients could directly visit the company’s pinboard to know more about the company.

How to Create or Signup Pinterest Account

Now in order to get the access to such application, you need to, first of all, create an account on the Pinterest, so for creating an account on Pinterest you have to follow below-written steps:-


  • After that you need to click on the sign up with email option, then you need to enter the basic information related to you
  • Then, you need to just enter the email address and the password for your account
  • But just in case you do not want to create a separate profile instead you wanna link this account with the facebook account then you can choose to sign up with the Facebook account
  • Followed by typing the Pinterest profile information into the appropriate fields
  • And then you just need to click on the signup button

A user didn't take panic for any issue if they having any issue instantly contact Pinterest Technical Support team.

How to create or make board on Pinterest

In order to create a board on Pinterest, you need to follow the below written steps carefully:-

  • Now to create the board you have to click on the men icon image that is located on to the top right corner of the Pinterest site


  • Then after that, you have to click on the create a board button
  • After that, you need to fill in the text box of the board name
  • Now you have to move further to select an option from the drop down list of the board category
  • Now it is the time to determine the contacts who can pin to the board
  • At last just tap on the create board button and you are done with the process.

So this is the simple process to use the features of the Pinterest but just in case the user finds them to be tough then you can for sure contact the Pinterest customer service for seeking the right guidance.

How to Recover or Reset the Pinterest account password

Now another thing that you must know while using this application is how to change or reset the Pinterest account password in case you have forgotten it or you want to change it for the sake of security. Then to do so you have to follow the below written steps carefully:-

  • So here you have to, first of all, visit the official site of the Pinterest


  • After that, you have to enter your email address that you have entered in the account set up
  • Followed by clicking on the reset password option
  • After that, you have to check your inbox of the recovery mail since you will receive the mail regarding your password reset on to the same account
  • There you just need to visit that link and then could enter a fresh password of your choice

How do you delete a Pinterest account?

If in case you do not want to continue this service by the Pinterest and you want to delete this account then you need to go through the below written instructions with care:-

  • Here first of all just log in to your Pinterest account
  • Followed by clicking on the profile button which is present on the top of the Pinterest
  • Here onto your profile you need to go to the bolt button
  • After that, you have to click on the deactivate your account option, which is present in the account basics
  • Here you need to now select a reason of why you want to deactivate your account
  • Once you select a valid option then you just need to confirm your deactivation of the account.
  • And once you reach this step then you are easily done with this process

In case you want to know more about the above process or about any other feature of the Pinterest then you are always free to contact the Pinterest technical support to seek the right help from the right person.

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