Hotmail is basically a service of emailing which is given by the dominating IT company MICROSOFT.

Microsoft is providing this service without any charges, and this web mailing service is meant for both that is a user can use this service for personal use or for some business organization as well.

So a Microsoft web mailing service has versatile features like the storage capacity of around 5 GB and 25 GB on the live SkyDrive of windows and best thing is Hotmail technical support for hotmail issues.

Hotmail Support Staff to Block a Sender in Hotmail !!

Blocking a sender in Hotmail lets you manage your email the way you want to manage it. You don’t want to receive a Spam mail then just block that sender. Yes !! It is really possible !! Blocking a sender is an easy job and you can do it easily. It will prevent those unwanted emails which are causing stress to you.

If you are the one who wants to block a sender in Hotmail, then here are the following steps which will really help you:-

  • First of all choose Options
  • After that click on More Options
  • Now go to Safe and Blocked Senders under the head Preventing Junk Mail
  • Next click on Blocked Senders
  • Now type your unwanted email address under the head blocked email address or domain
  • Next click on Add to list

That’s all !! You have blocked the unwanted senders on your Hotmail email.

However, there are more issues to face as compared to finding a solution to block a sender in Hotmail account. There is this particular issue where the Hotmail users want to import their Hotmail message as well as contact in Gmail and are not aware of the ways to do it.

Import Hotmail message as well as contact in Gmail 

  • First of all, you need to copy all the messages from the deleted and junk folders of Hotmail to Hotmail inbox
  • Now follow the settings link in your Gmail account
  • Go to the tab named Accounts and Imports
  • Click on import mail and contacts option
  • Now go ahead to type your Hotmail address under the head What account do you want to import from
  • Click on Continue
  • Now you need to enter your Hotmail password under the option Enter the password for
  • Click on Continue option
  • Ensure to check Import contacts and Import mail option
  • Now check the option import new mail for next 30 days
  • Now check the option Add label to all imported email
  • Next click on Start Import
  • Finally, click on OK

Applying the above steps is the best measure to fix your technical troubles. However if you do not find it apposite to apply these instructions to import Hotmail message and contact in Gmail, then you can contact Hotmail technical support staff to eliminate this trouble. The Hotmail staff is always available to help you in your petty as well as complex troubles.

These tech service representatives are the most competent officials who have innovative ways to deal with your tribulations. When you are just exhausted after failing to fix your issues, taking help from them is the best way out to get rid of these issues. Hence if you are looking for the affordable ways to import Hotmail message and contact in Gmail, then call Hotmail support number instantly.

Access Hotmail in iPhone mail using IMAP and POP

Users can access Hotmail on iPhone also which makes it convenient for them to regularly get the updates for their mail and other work. By getting Hotmail on iPhone it gets helpful for them to get the quick updated of their work and continue to accelerate their work.

Hotmail in iPhone using IMAP

· Go to the settings option and then add account option

· There select the option of add email account

· Enter the email address and then tap on the option of add account

· Select IMAP option from the icons

· Enter the password and then select the option of sign in

· When prompted enter the following server settings

Incoming server settings:

IMAP account:

POP account:

Port: 993

Outgoing server settings:

Port: 995

Port number: 587

Hotmail in iPhone using POP,

Users need to provide the outgoing server settings and make it work.

If it happens to the users that any of the incoming or outgoing server settings to use through POP and IMAP doesn’t work then it is advised to users to contact the customer service team and get the best solution for their issues.

The Hotmail experts are also available for the users through calling on their Hotmail technical support contact number and get assured solution for their issues and continue their work easily. It becomes easy for the users to make their Hotmail account work on iPhone and get regular updates.

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