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Google Duo is a free online video chat mobile app which has been developed by Google company. This is basically the software application which is available on the Android and as well as on the iPhone operating system. It came in news on 18th of May 2016 and finally launched on 16th of August 2016. It basically offers you to make the video call in high definition. It has been mainly known for the worldwide for its low bandwidth networks, and along with the End-to-end encryption is enabled by default.

It can basically work while registering your mobile number over the official installed applications. Which allows the user to make a call from their contact list. This app has a special feature which automatically switches between the Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It also has a ‘knock knock’ feature, which is presently available on Android, which let the common user see a live preview of the caller before answering the respective call.

How to download Google Duo?

Step 1: Start up your required smartphone whichever you have with you.

Step 2: There open up the required Google play store where the required app will be present.

Step 3: Now in the search bar enter the name, ‘Google duo’ app and then make it search.

Step 4: Where it will display you a list of the app through the internet.

Step 5: Just select the desired official app of the Google.

Step 6: When opening then just click on the ‘download’ option which is present on the top of the screen.

Step 7: One should also read its mentioned conditions and features which are present over there.

To resolve download issues you can contact Google duo technical support team by dialing the Google Duo Support Phone Number. This number active all the time.

Google Duo Installation Process

Step 1: Now when the application has been downloaded in the system, then all you need is to follow up the below given further steps.

Step 2: The user should click on the install option which has been shown over there.

Step 3: Now a common user may need to wait for some time until it gets installed on your android device.

Step 4: After that click on the ‘Accept’ option, and then again wait for some time.

Step 5: Now your installation process has been started on your device.

Step 6: Then click on the ‘open’ button shown over there.

Step 7: Enter your required number with which you want to avail the services.

Step 8: After that choose your country and then move to next step.

Step 9: Verify your number by entering the verification code sent to that registered number.

Step 10: Now when done then just, start your required video calling and avail the services.

To resolve Google Duo installation issues you can contact Google duo customer support team by dialing the Google Duo Helpline Phone Number

How to Uninstall Google Duo App?

Step 1: Just go to the settings icon present in your android phone.

Step 2: There search for the ‘application and programs’ option from the below-given list.

Step 3: Now click on the tab, installed the app and then move to the next option.

Step 4: Choose the required google duo app and click on that.

Step 5: Now from the given option, click on ‘uninstall’ button.

Step 6: And then finally click on the ‘confirm’ button.

To resolve Google Duo app uninstall issues you can contact Google duo tech support team by dialing the Google Duo Toll-free Phone Number. 

Some Common Google Duo Technical Issues

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Now from the above steps and solution, one will be able to get the proper solution and detail of Google Duo that how does it work and what is the coming procedure to download and even install it. But if still, you face any kind of trouble then one may directly contact ‘Google duo technical support’. 

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