Define ESET Antivirus?

ESET antivirus is one stop solution for preventing any sort of malicious species from happening in the system. The antivirus is available in two editions in the market which are Home Edition and Business Edition.

The antivirus is compatible with all the major operating system including MAC. Some of the key features which users of this antivirus can enjoy when installing in the system include advanced remote management tool, encrypted communication scanning, removable media scanning, proactive protection, and also diagnostic and recovery tools which include Sys Inspector, Sys Rescue, and Self Defense.

For more information regarding the antivirus, users can feel free to contact the technical support team of the ESET antivirus. Support team offer services to the users all through the day and all through the year.

How to download ESET antivirus?

Now that users are familiar with this antivirus so some of the users may want to download and install it in their system. Users can follow the below mentioned sequential procedure for ESET antivirus download in their system.

Steps to download ESET antivirus:

Step 1: First of all remove the previously installed antivirus from the system.

Step 2: Users can then visit the official website of ESET and then move on to the Downloads section.

Step 3: Users can click on “Download Now” which will then download the setup file of the antivirus.

How to install and uninstall ESET antivirus?

After the users have downloaded the setup file the next thing which users will need to do is install it in their system. So below mentioned is an effective procedure for ESET install or uninstall process or take help of ESET antivirus technical support team.

Steps to install the ESET antivirus in the system:

Step 1: First of all users can move the downloaded file to a new folder and then they can double click on the downloaded file so that the installation process can start.

Step 2: Users can now simply follow the installation wizard and then choose the language in which they want it to get installed.

Step 3: Users can finally choose a plan with which they want to continue with and then complete the installation process.

Users may want to switch to some other antivirus or some other versions of the antivirus. In such case, the only option that is left with the users is that they should uninstall the antivirus on an immediate basis. Users can go through the below-mentioned tutorial to do the same.

Steps to uninstall the ESET antivirus:

Step 1: Users can first of all click on the “Start” option and then on “All Programs”.

Step 2: Users can now click on “ESET” and then on “Uninstall” and wait until the system is restarted.

Step 3: When the system restarts then users can click on “Start” and then on “Control Panel”.

Step 4: Users can now move on to the “Folder Options” followed by “View” and then they can select “Show hidden files and folders” option.

Step 5: Users can finally move on to the start and then on “My Computer” to delete all the relevant folders.

Issues of ESET antivirus

Users may face different kinds of ESET issues with their antivirus. Some of the common ones are down below.

  • Turn off the ESET antivirus on Windows 10
  • Facing issues while trying to activate the ESET product
  • ESET Subscription is out of date
  • ESET Antivirus is not performing the usually scheduled scans
  • Update the ESET antivirus without an internet connection
  • Unable to uninstall the ESET antivirus from the system
  • Installing and configuring the ESET antivirus
  • How to contact ESET antivirus technical support.





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