Zoho Mail Password Reset

April 26, 2018

Get details to reset the user and admin password for Zoho email account!!

Zoho email facility is one of the main and the leading email service in the USA. People residing there hugely relies on the services of Zoho mail for their sending and receiving of emails. This email domain is provided by Zoho Corporation company that is known for its internet-related products. Besides, the user can any time set up their Zoho email account and can start accessing their account from any device.

On the other hand, there are times when the user wants to change their Zoho admin password and are unable to sign in to their account. Therefore, so as to change the password with the admin facility, the user can take the help from the administrator to reset their password. So, to reset the admin password of Zoho the below-mentioned steps are required to be followed by the user:

Steps to Reset Zoho Mail Admin Password

  • When the user gets into this they should select the user details menu.
  • From there the user should select the email address for which the account password is to be reset.
  • Now the user needs to click on change password menu and should enter their new password in the given space.
  • The user then should enter the administrator password and lastly should click on ok.

Once the user has processed all the above-mentioned steps, they will be able to access their Zoho account with their new administrator password. Besides, if the user is willing to change their Zoho account password, then for this they should follow the given steps that are mentioned below :

Steps to Reset Zoho User Password

  • Then, they should select the security section mentioned there.
  • After this, the user is required to enter their current password of Zoho account in the given space.
  • In the new password menu, the user is supposed to enter their new password.
  • Click on other option and look what changes are needed for the account.
  • When all the steps are over the user should select on save.

And hence, the user's Zoho email account password will be changed. Furthermore, the user can sign in with their new Zoho mail account password and can send and receive emails on it. The user should remember their new password so that they don’t face any sign in issues on their Zoho account. There are also times when the user tends to forgets their account password and wants the administrator to reset steps for getting back the password. So, for resetting the password with the admin the below-given steps needs to be followed:

Forgot Zoho Password - Admin

  • Then select on forgot password menu.
  • The user should then enter their registered phone number and also the captcha that is displayed on the screen.
  • Select the request menu and go to the alternate email address that the user has entered.
  • If the user has entered their phone number for verification then they’ll get it on their number and further the code is to be entered.
  • Lastly, when the code is entered the user needs to follow the instructions for resetting the password.

Therefore, by the above-mentioned steps, the user will get the way to reset their account password for Zoho account with the admin as well as user help. All these steps are quite simple, but the user needs to follow it correctly so that no problem is again faced by the user while they are accessing their account.

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