Yahoo Mail Alerts or Notification

May 17, 2018

Notifications for the Yahoo! Mail Alerts

When we receive a new message in my Yahoo! Email account, we like to know instantly. One way is to check the Yahoo! Mail website constantly. Let us have a look at the whole process. These are the steps that you will be having now and that is also within the budget that you have. Smart options are now here for you and so you will need to follow them properly.

Another, much more comfortable, way is to have your browser do it by itself - with a little help from Yahoo! May. Yahoo! Messenger can be configured to send a desktop alert via the browser each time a new email arrives in your Yahoo! Email account.

Get Instant Yahoo! Mail alerts on Desktop

To have your browser display an alert as soon as a new message appears in your Yahoo! Mailbox

  • Make sure desktop alerts are enabled in your browser and Yahoo! Mail is not blocked for displaying alerts. (See below.)
  • Open Yahoo! Mail in the browser.
  • Make sure the full version of Yahoo! Mail is activated.
  • Hover over the Gear Settings icon ( ⚙ ) near your Yahoo! The upper right corner of the mail.
  • Select Settings from the menu that appeared.
  • Navigate to the " Viewing Email " category.
  • Make sure that Enable desktop notifications are checked.
  • If you do not see Enable desktop notifications, your browser does not support notifications. You can always try a browser that supports them; see below for a partial list.
    • Click Save.
    • Close and reopen Yahoo! Mail in your browser
    • Allow "***." to display the alerts in your browser.
    • Make sure Yahoo mail is opened in a tab, possibly a tab compressed or pinned.

Enable desktop notifications in your browser

 To make sure Yahoo! Mail may request permission to display desktop notifications in your browser:

Google Chrome
  • Click the Chrome menu button ( ⋮ ).
  • Select Settings from the menu that appeared.
  • Click on Show Advanced Settings...
  • Now click on Content Settings ... under Privacy.
  • Make sure that one of the following is selected under Notifications :
    • Allow all sites to display notifications or
    • Ask when a site wants to show notifications (recommended)
    • This is the recommended setting. You can then selectively authorize sites, including Yahoo! Mail to view notifications.
  • Click Manage exceptions ... under Notifications.
  • Make sure there is no entry for "***." set to Deny under Behavior.
  • Click on the x next to such an entry.
  • Click Done
  • Click Done again.
Mozilla Firefox
  • Click the Open Menu (≡) button in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Select Preferences from the menu that appeared.
  • Open the content category.
  • Click Choose ... under Notifications.
  • Make sure there is no entry for "***." with Block under Status.
  • Highlight such an entry and click Delete Site, then Save Changes.
  • Select Safari | Preferences ... from the menu in Safari.
  • Go to the Notifications tab.
  • Make sure Allow websites to request permission to send push notifications is checked.
  • Make sure there is no entry for "***." set to Deny under These websites have requested permission to view alerts in the Notification Center.
  • Highlight such an entry and click Delete.
  • Close the Notification Preferences window.

Get Instant Yahoo! Mail alerts of new messages via IMAP

To receive near-instant notifications of new messages that arrive in your Yahoo! Email account, you can also:

  • Set up the Yahoo! Mail counts in an email program or mail checker using IMAP (with IMAP IDLE enabled).
  • Make sure the e-mail program is running and configured to display alerts for new messages.
  • Get Instant Yahoo! Alerts of new messages with Yahoo! Messenger

To receive instant alerts of new messages in your Yahoo! Email account via Yahoo! Messenger:

  • Select Login | Preferences ... from the Yahoo! Messenger.
  • Go to the Alerts and sounds category.
  • Under Notify me when: highlight I receive an e-mail message.
  • Select the desired notification options under Notify me by:
  • OK

Note that Yahoo! Messenger is no longer available. These are the steps that you will have to keep in mind and follow them properly. Then only you can be sure that you will be solving the issue. The processes are quite easy and that is the reason that if you follow the process properly, then it is for sure that the end result that you will be having here will be the best. Surely you will need to understand the steps first and then only come up with the execution.

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