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September 14, 2017 vs – Which one is better?

Often this question arises which one is better from and Most times beginners get confused about the two which leads to choosing a wrong platform. Both these are different platforms and one should be clear on the differences. This comprehensive article will help you differentiate between the two.

The most simple differentiation between and is that is more customizable than Also, .org is self-hosted and .com is not.

Differences between Vs

  • Users get a full domain in whereas get only a sub-domain.
  • has more limitations than The latter provides around 1500 free themes as compared to .com, which is providing around 100 free themes.
  • The user will not be able to add applications to for gathering emails and building list. There is the opportunity to post images and videos, but as the premium customer which costs most.
  • The user owns the content on but not on On a self-hosted WordPress, the user will own the content and also they can sell it as a website. The user can monetize the blogs and place ads.
  • If you are serious about blogging then the user needs to have own domain and own hosting. It is possible on whereas is perfect for classroom blogs.

It is an open source website platform which is free for use. The user will just need a domain name and web hosting. It is also referred to as self-hosted WordPress. The user has full control of the website and easy customization is possible.

Some of the benefits of choosing for building a website –

  • It is a safer platform for use and also easy to access & customize.
  • It is easy to customize the design as per the requirement and after creating a modified website user can modify it as when required.
  • The user owns the data and the website. You will get full control of the website and there are no terms of service for use.
  • For custom analytics and tracking, there are power tools like Google Analytics.
  • Create an online store with the use of self-hosted WordPress for selling products and deliver items from the website by accepting credit card payments.
  • For premium content and courses, create membership sites and sell memberships.
  • It is easy to add free, paid or custom plugins to your website.
  • Are you looking for some extra bucks? The user can make money out of it by running their own add.

Let us now look at some of the negative points with –

  • The cost can of maintenance grow higher. With the growth of the website, the web hosting cost also increases and thus user need to have enough money to cover the costs.
  • The user can easily update the WordPress site by simply clicking on the update button. So, the user can easily update the account without any hackles.

It is the best choice who are just looking to start up blog creation or blogging. It suits the beginners the most and it is free up to 3GB of space. For more space user need to switch to a paid plan. There is no need for the users to worry about backup.

But there are many limitations of free website –

1. They can place ads on the free website and user can see the add. They cannot benefit from the ads. Upgrade to a paid plan if the user wants to see their ads.

2. The user cannot sell ads on the website and user can apply for the advertising program called WordAds, if the user runs a high traffic site.

3. A user cannot upload plugins and also cannot upload custom themes. They are limited customization options for the free version and premium business plan select the premium theme.

4. They can delete the site at any given moment based on the terms of conditions. Also, the site displays powered links which can be removed by upgrading to a business plan.

Hope your confusion is now clear about and Get the latest news and details about the differentiation between and from the WordPress support team. They also help solve the issues with the maintaining of websites. These experts are technically trained professionals who handle various situations smartly.

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