Wordpress Backup Plugins

August 16, 2017


WordPress is the online based software application which has been developed by the help of mainly two different programming languages which are MY SQL and PMP. It is basically the open source content management system (CMS).

This application is helpful in creating the website. It basically acts as the link or platform between the user and the internet services, through which one can deliver their required data and content through their own website platform. This software even also provides about hundreds of theme and number of captivating features which are inbuilt within the application itself and which later help the engineer to make use of them and hence bring up the best of all the resources.

Best WordPress backup plugins by its pros and cons :

As WordPress software is responsible for creating the blogging page, so it is also necessary to keep the regular backup of the entered data over your blog. So, creating the regular WordPress backups is the best ever thing that a common blogger should do for their website. This basically helps you to restore your data for your bad times, which means suppose if your website gets hacked or locked then without facing any trouble you will be able to get back all your required data.

1. BackupBuddy – It is the most prominent known WordPress backup plugin, which is being used by the people from all over the world. It provides you the option to backup your data on the regular interval whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. It automatically stores your data in Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash, Amazon S3, etc. It is not the subscription based service.

2. UpdraftPlus – It is also one among the other free of cost WordPress backup plugin, it helps you to store all the data on the cloud, or download it to your computer system.

3. BackWPUp – This backup plugin allows the common user to make it store in the cloud provided by them and hence allow the user to schedule automatic backups.

4. BackUpWordPress – It is also free but it does not allow the user to save their data at cloud storage, because for that it may cause some money to purchase that particular deal.

5. Duplicator – Here it does not allow the user to make automated scheduled backups which basically makes it less ideal for use.

6. WP-DB-Backup – From all over the world, it has been installed by almost 400,000 active installations over there required system. It is one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins, but could backup only your WordPress database.

7. VaultPress – People use this application basically to backup their required site to some safe and stored location.

So, as above mentioned points are there to give you full detailed information regarding the WordPress and its backup procedure, which could make your blogging much easy. But if in case you want any detailed information regarding the WordPress and its features then you should kindly make a call at ‘WordPress support’ employee number which will be very much easier for you to deal with and even get the full detailed information in the respective field. So, one should without any doubt call them at their official number and hence get the assistance from them. 

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