WordPress App on your iPhone and iPad

June 5, 2017

WordPress: The Perfect destination for blogging

Blogging has come quite a long way since its mere definition of “ WebLog’’ in late 90’s. It has now become as a part of an online culture where people share their thoughts, feeling, opinions and experience.

In today’s world it has became a unique platform where millions of individuals, Fortune 500 companies as well as government used it as a medium to share their ideas, products and programmes.


WordPress is one of the pioneer blogging sites in the world, where millions of users, Companies, and Government as a well social organization use it as a medium to communicate with their particular users. WordPress was released in 2003 as an open source platform by its founder Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Over the years Wordpress has evolved itself from simple content management system to a platform that builds and runs websites of all demeanor. Today it is the most love blogging platform as it receives more than 22.17 billion monthly page views and drives more than 27 percent of the entire internet.

It publishes 24 posts per second and receives more than 46.6 million customers as well as 2.7 million global monthly searches. Looking at the amount of data the word press handles, it is unsurprising to think that why word press is so popular and continue to increase their user base.

The key to rising of WordPress is the quality of content and the services it offers. WordPress is available in 72 different languages with more than 42,000 plug-ins. It is supported on the web as well as on all the platforms of mobile OS software, whether java, Android or IOS.

Most of the Users across the world agree to the fact that using the WordPress App on the IOS Platform is having much better experience than another mobile platform. Now IOS Coming with a native keyboard with WordPress app’s and it’s formatting buttons make it simple and easy to write a post on touch devices.

Steps To use the Wordpress app on iPhone or iPad

  • First, go to the Apple I-tune stores and Download the WordPress app.
  • Then install the WordPress app and sign in using your email id and password and provide your website URL.
  • The IOS app will connect to the website and retrieve your data.
  • The Wordpress app is quite simple and intuitive user base.
  • At the top of the right, you will find a menu which guides you to the different section of your website.
  • You can write and edit posts as well as manage the page and comments and view site statistic.
  • There are two side buttons at the top of the menu, setting, and photo.
  • The setting button will allow to configure your app either for iPhone or iPad. You can also add multiple blog accounts and manage them through a single IPhone app.

Sometimes Users do face some problems, mostly in form of plugins or Error establishing a database connection. In case if you faces some serious issue, you can contact the WordPress Technical Support, by clicking on the support and then on Customer support. 

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