WordPress Account is Hacked

August 16, 2017

WordPress enables easy uploading of the content over the internet on any website or other means. There are various features and advantages using the WordPress application. It is easier to hide thighs using the screen option and it is easy to add or delete dashboard widgets. One can paste URL to make links in Visual Editor and also themes can be previewed without activating it. The user can split the post into multiple pages and also easily edit images in WordPress.

Also, the user can easily create and maintain a WordPress account. Are you facing trouble accessing the account? Are you in any kind of fear that your account has been hacked? There are signs with which WordPress user can come to the conclusion that the WordPress account is hacked or not.

Signs which user can understand whether the WordPress account is hacked –

  • Drop in website traffic: If there is a sudden drop in website traffic then it could be the sign for WordPress account hack. There are malware and Trojans which hijack the website’s traffic and so the user needs to get rid of this malware.
  • Bad link added to the website: Data injection is one of the common signs to check the WordPress website hacks. They get the access to modify the WordPress files and database by creating a backdoor on the WordPress site. Fix the back door to solve the hacked issue.
  • Website homepage is defaced: It is an easy way to detect the hacking operation as it is clearly visible on the homepage. Normally hacking doesn’t deface the home page but some hackers might do it to announce the hacking of the website.
  • Login issues with WordPress: If there is a problem in logging-in to the WordPress site then there is the chance that the account might have been hacked by the hackers.

12 Signs That Your WordPress Site is Hacked

  • Popups or Pop Under Ads on Your Website
  • Hijacked Search Results
  • Suspicious Scheduled Tasks
  • Failure to Send or Receive WordPress Emails
  • Unusual Activity in Server Logs
  • Your Website is Often Slow or Unresponsive
  • Unknown Files and Scripts on Your Server
  • Suspicious User Accounts in WordPress
  • You are Unable to Login to WordPress
  • Your Site’s Homepage is Defaced
  • Bad Links Added to Your Website
  • Sudden Drop in Website Traffic

Some of the other signs include suspicious user account in WordPress, unknown files & scripts in the server, the website might be slow or unresponsive and unusual activities in server logs. Need WordPress support? Dial the helpline number and contact the technical experts for help. Support professionals will be able to provide the steps for assistance for any issue related to the WordPress account.

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