Why My iPhone not Connect to iTunes

November 29, 2017

Itunes is basically the app store for all the users of the iPhone. So this is the store or you can say the library for the users of the iPhone from where they can download their favorite music and could create their own playlist. Now in order to use this application, you need to have a valid iCloud account since with the help of those credentials only you will be able to get the access to the iTunes. Now think of a situation where your iPhone cannot connect to the iTunes, this is really a frustrating situation and hence it is the condition where you want to troubleshoot this issue anyhow.

Now before knowing the solution of the problem, it is very important to know what is the root cause of the issue. There are a number of things that may be the responsible factors behind your iTunes not able to connect to the iTunes.

The issue may be of the following types:-

  • The reason may be the broken cord.
  • Or you can see that one of the most common reasons for this issue is that the iTunes is not able to read the device properly.
  • Now, this is the issue that may show even show if the device is shown as the connected one.
  • One more reason that is so common is that the antivirus software of the iPhone may also be creating the issue.
  • So in all such cases after knowing the main reason behind these issues you have to simply know the troubleshooting steps.

Solutions on Why Won't My iPhone Connect to iTunes

If you are the one who is experiencing the issue of this kind then you have to simply follow the steps written below:-

First Method:- With the help of the USB port and cable

  • For this, you just need to unplug the phone from the computer followed by plugging the things once again.
  • As you plug the things back you will see that if the problem was due to this thing then the issue will be resolved but if that is not the main cause then the issue will not be resolved.
  • In that case, you simply need to try the other methods mentioned below.

Second Method:- Restart your iPhone as well as the computer

  • Here you have to note that there may be a certain compatibility issue and hence just to resolve those issues the best thing you can do is to restart both the device.
  • Many times this step solves the issue of most of the people. Just in case that also does not help you out then any need of worries since there are a number of more solutions that you can try.

Third Method:- Update your iTunes

  • You need to understand that in order to connect to the iTunes it is really important to have the latest version of the iTunes else you will not be able to connect.
  • So for that, you can simply access the iTunes software followed by selecting the iTunes software.
  • And then moving to the iTunes menu bar, after that you just need to check for the various updates that are available for the given options.
  • As you find the update available then you can simply the further steps in order to install it.
  • So these are the steps that the Mac users need to follow, just in case you are the windows users then you have to follow the different set of instructions such as you have to again visit the iTunes software followed by looking for the update option.
  • So the above-mentioned steps are the easy one that you can try by yourself but just in case you still find the same issue that your iPhone is not able to connect to the iTunes.

Fourth Method:- Disabling the antivirus software that you have on your iPhone

  • It is seen many times the antivirus software creates the issue for any software or the application.
  • So it is quite possible that it is creating the issue here also so simply go for disabling it and for that you need to do as written below.
  • You have to simply open your antivirus software, as you do so you will be able to see two options.
  • One will say to enable and the other will say disable you just need to tap on the disable option and you will be able to disable the antivirus software.
  • After you are done with this thing then you just need to try to connect to the iTunes in order to see whether this has resolved your issue or not.
  • If not then you are not lucky enough and you have to go for trying the further steps.

Fifth Method:- Some alternative for the iTunes

  • There are a number of options available in the market and if your iTunes does not work then it is wise to opt for some similar alternative.
  • So for using it, you have to run the software tunes mate at your computer followed by connecting the iPhone to it.
  • Then you just need to click on the transfer iTunes media to the device mode. As you do so it will automatically scan all the media files that are present at your iTunes.
  • Now the next thing that you need to do is to look for the files that you wish to transfer.
  • After you find those files then you simply need to tap on the transfer button and you're all media files will get transferred.
  • And then you can enjoy all the media files in the same way as you use to do on the iTunes.
  • So these are the best things that you can do in order to troubleshoot the iTunes issue.

After following what is written above you will be able to easily deal with all your issue and just in case you feel that even if after doing what is written there you are not able to get over the issue then it is recommended to take the help from the people who are aware of the issue in well advance. This person may be your friend or the people around you.


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