What is the Best Way to E-commerce Shipping Strategy?

March 10, 2018

The best way to strategize your e-commerce shipping services is by choosing a third-party logistics provider. Third-party logistics providers take the responsibility of shipping the products to the customers. Hence, the e-commerce firm does not need to worry once the parcel is handed over to the pickup boy.

There are several logistics providers ready to help e-commerce firms in delivering products to their customers at various locations. Affordability is one of the major factors to be considered for an e-commerce startup. Hence choosing a third-party logistics provider which offers integration with a number of shipping partners at affordable prices is the best option.


Sales volume:-  What is the approximate number of daily, weekly, seasonal and annual sales you make?

Handling costs:- What materials do you need to package your products — boxes, packing materials, labels, tape, etc. — and how much do they cost you?

Drop-off/pick up times and rates:- How long does it take you to prepare orders for shipping? Can you save money if you pack orders at night and drop them off the next morning?

Distance from each vendor:- How much will you save if you have to drive across town during rush hour to drop off shipments?

Shipping speeds:- How many orders are time-sensitive? Can you save money and satisfy customers by choosing the slowest delivery times?

Range and an average weight of shipments:- How much will customer order weights vary, and how much might that affect your costs?

Tracking ability:- Can you (and your customers) monitor the progress of your shipments?

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