What Is Roku TV And How To Configure It

April 3, 2018

Well, Roku tv is a smart device with various smart features. As we know, Roku is a popular brand for streaming players. For instance, you can buy any player from the given list:

On the other hand, Roku brand has recently joined popular TV brands. Now, Roku manufactures smart TVs with the different screen sizes. Further, you can access 250,000+ movies, numerous TV episodes, music, games, news, sports and many other streaming categories. However, Roku is a smart device so that you can access internet on this platform.

How to setup and activate Roku TV

Check out the steps to configure a Roku TV:

1. Connect Roku TV and Roku set-top box

Initially, you have to connect Roku TV with Roku set-top box. Likewise, the users can attach both devices to each other through HDMI cable. Then, provide the power source to Roku TV as well as Roku set-top box.

2. Pair Roku TV and Roku remote

Again, to command Roku TV you have to pair it with Roku remote. Next, insert the batteries into Roku remote and press the small button on the back side of the remote. 

3.  Provide internet connection

The users need to provide internet connection to Roku TV. Similarly, you can connect wireless or Ethernet connection to Roku TV as well as Roku player. 

4. Set up time and date

Now, the users have to configure time and date of Roku device. So, you need to visit the Roku settings and choose your time zone. The correct time zone will show you always right time according to your country.

5. Enter Roku activation code

The users need to activate their Roku device through Roku activation code. The current Roku screen showing you a five digit code, note it. Then, pick your tablet, Smartphone or PC and go to page. Simply, enter the given Roku activation code to the right box and then submit it. Hence, the Roku TV has started now enjoy your beloved contents on your big screen.

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