Useful .Htaccess Tricks for WordPress

June 9, 2017

WordPress is known web software that may be being used by many of the web designers and developers for making an attractive website or blog. It is a free software and users can contribute to it by writing blogs, giving their views, writing patches, themes, answering support questions and creating themes.

With its unique features, it has gained a large number of users all over the world. Since it is easy to use WordPress so millions of users are joining this day by day. If you want to join the WordPress and finding difficulty in the process then you can take the help of WordPress technical support anytime. But before that, it is necessary to discuss the .htaccess tricks for your Wordpress site which is a powerful configuration file that allows you to define rules for the server to follow for your website.

Most useful .htaccess tricks that you can follow:-

  • The user can protect their WordPress admin area by limiting the access to selected IP addresses only. Simply you need to copy and paste the code into your .ht access file and replace XX values with your own IP address.
  • The user is recommended to disable directory browsing, with directory browsing enabled, hackers can look into your site’s directory and file structure to find a vulnerable file.
  • You can improve your WordPress security by disabling PHP execution for some WordPress directories. To do that create a blank .ht access file on your computer and then paste these codes <Files*.php> , deny from all,
  • The most important file in your WordPress website’s root directory is a wp-config.php file which contains information about your WordPress database. You can protect that by using some simple codes.
  • The user can set up 301 redirects through .ht access file by pasting some simple codes.
  • The user should ban the suspicious IP addresses.
  • The user should protect .ht access from unauthorized access.
  • You should also disable hot linking in word press using .ht access.
  • The user can increase the file upload size limit in word press and can disable access to XML -RPC file using .ht access.

The user can use the above-given tricks easily and can get benefit from it. But there may arise some situations where you could not be able to solve your problems yourself. In such case, you must not wait and contact the WordPress toll-free number without any hesitation.


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