Undisclosed Recipients in iCloud Mail

June 29, 2017

Icloud is just among the number of online application which has been offered by the Apple company for there Apple device users. Icloud is just simply the software application which has been introduced by the Apple Inc. But this application has only be made accessible to the Apple device only. Through this iCloud application, one has given the facility to save and store there required data and files over that platform. Even Apple device user has given the facility to listen and manage their song list.

Sending an email to the people without disclosing the recipient:

One should be thinking to send or deliver the mails to the number of recipients without disclosing the to each other in a highly confidential manner. Then one needs to follow up the below-given steps to make it implement in your iCloud mail.

Step 1: Start up your computer system.

Step 2: Then move to launching the any of the search engines in your computer system.

Step 3: When found then just open up in the respective device.

Step 4: Open your iCloud mail from the web browsing application.

Step 5: Login to your iCloud mail by entering the required mail address and password in the respective boxes.

Step 6: When all done just start your mailing by just clicking on the ‘start a new message’.

Step 7: Now there in the email address field just enter your respective email address.

Step 8: From there choose ‘disclosed recipients’, then your email address, which will be found in the ‘auto-complete menu', after that move to the next step.

Step 9: Now in the below given list select the other contact list to add it to the ‘undisclosed recipients’ list.

Step 10: Finally when all done just click on the send and move to the home page.

Step 11: Now for the confirmation that whether the mail has been send or not just make a check at your sent email tab which is present in the side left a bar of the mail.

Hence by following the above-given steps, one will definitely be able to get the required solution to their problem or the query which they have in their mind. So, just make a positive and effective move towards the following settings in your iCloud mail.

Suppose if anyone wants any more detailed information regarding the icloud mail sending query the one should directly contact to the ‘icloud technical support’ employee, they are available 24/7 hours in a day. 

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