Transfer My Website From One Host to Another

June 5, 2018

Best Way To Transfer Your Website To Some Other Web Host

Web hosting plays a vital role for your website today since that is the place where website lives. So just in case due to some reasons, you have to transfer your website to some other host then that is not an easy task to do. And that too doing it successfully is more important, It will be called as a successful transfer if your fully functional website could be transferred to some other host and that too without getting down.

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You can see the severity of the situation by comparing this situation to the real-time situation where you wants to do the shifting of your shop and you face a number of difficulties in that. Shifting or transferring a website to some other host is also similar. Now just in case, you are a person who wants to do it but you are not able to find the right steps or the knowledge then calm down since the article was written here will guide you to the whole process. The simple steps that you have to follow in order to transfer the website to the new host are as follows:-


  • Here you have to purchase a new hosting account after finding a new host, you need to do it wisely according to your requirements.
  • But one thing that you always have to keep in mind is that you should not cancel the hosting of the previous host until the time you complete the migration process for the new website.


  • Now once you have found the host then the next thing that you have to do is to do the backup of all the files, this is quite similar to the process of getting all your stuff packed from the old shop.
  • And the things that could help you here are that you can easily do the back up of all your files by just downloading the files to some of your device like your computer.
  • You can simply use some of the basic applications such as FTP applications like CutePDF as well as smart FTP or the file Zilla for the purpose of saving the graphics, HTML files or other stuff.
  • Here you need to make sure that you take the back up of each and every file from the old server so that no functionality of the website create issues when you try to run it on the new host.


  • Once you have taken the backup of all the files then comes the time when you have to upload all the files to the new server.
  • You will easily be able to do so since the all the information related to the server will be given to you in the welcome mail so you can simply adhere to the things written there and upload the files.
  • Now the thing that you have to pay more attention is that you will be able to do the uploading of the files easily but when it comes to the uploading of the databases then for that you have to install certain web apps on to the new server of yours.


  • When you are done with the uploading of the files then you have to do the further setting of the server such as adding all the email accounts to the new host before you start switching the DNS.
  • For that, you just need to login to your account by i.e the account of the new host followed by setting up of all the email accounts from the old host server to the new host server.
  • One thing to remember here is that you have to create a catch-all address so that just in case you forget to add some email accounts then it could add some by its own.


  • Once you have done all the things written above then it is the time to do the testing of all setup.
  • So here you will be getting a mirror site along with a temporary URL and you just have to test all the things that your website is working in the proper manner or not by checking your website on a new host with the help of the things that you have got.
  • You always have to remember that this is a very important phase as you can see the result of all the hard work that you have done till now in front of you.
  • Just in case you find any flaws in the working of the website then you can easily get them resolved now only.


  • This is a very final step where you have got the most important job and that is to inform your audience or the customers about the shift that your website has undergone.
  • And for doing so you simply have to change the DNS records from the control panel and you can do so by changing the DNS name servers to the one that you have received in the welcome emails of your new host.

Once you have done all the things that are written above then you simply have to check that everything is working properly and for that you can simply use the WHOIS lookup tool and that will show you all the errors or the issues that you may be facing while using your new website.

So as written here this article shows the complete list of the steps that you have to follow in order to transfer your website from one host to other. And hence you need not have to panic about the ways by which you can do so in an easy manner.


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