Top 12 Places to Visit in the United States

June 12, 2018

Top 12 Places to Visit in the US

We all love to visit the unique places in the world. Some countries are so beautiful that it attracts people from the diverse regions of the world. One such country which attracts tourist from all across the world is America. America is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, where tourist from all across the world comes to enjoy their culture, cuisines and their diverse cities. So, have you ever been to the United States? In case, if not then we will look into some of the unique places in the United States why it considers to be the world major tourist destination.

Best Places to visit in the US

The United States is a pretty diverse and vast nation which is built by immigrants. Immigration has played a critical role in the making of America. People from all over the world immigrate here and help to build one of the diverse nations of the world. Such huge amount of immigration with having different beliefs, religions, race, culture traditions has helped in making up the country.

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In order to see such high mix of race, religion and religion has provided some extraordinary places to the nation and thus helps in making one of the biggest superpowers of the world. It has a list of the places and beautiful location which always makes the tourist bewildered. But few spots have a unique place in the American history as well as major tourist attraction.

New York City :
  • New York City is one of the America Megacity, which has famous American icons like a Statue Of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Iconic Times Square. Tourist loves to visit the new york city
  • New York also known as the "Big Apple," and it's a favorite destination for both domestic and international visitors
  • Don't miss a leisurely walk on the High Line, artwork, and beautiful skyline views, an old-railroad-track-turned-park that features greenery.
  • See the latest plays and musicals go to place Broadway and the Theater District.
  • For art lovers the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art,  the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Frick Collection. 
  • Or go shopping on Fifth Avenue, Greenwich Village, check out Washington Square and Rockefeller Center.
  • If you're spending more days in the US, dig deeper into NYC's architecture or make a trip to Brooklyn.
Los Angeles :
  • Los Angeles is known for the iconic city of Hollywood and the home to some of the America greatest celebrities and icons.
  • Go shopping on Rodeo Drive, tour Beverly Hills
  • Walk along the boardwalk in Los Angeles most famous beachfront neighborhood, Venice Beach. 
  • Chicago has long been called the "Second City," after New York City in both size and population.
  • Chicago is the city of a big skyline and the home to some of the important national building as well as business houses.
  • If it's baseball season, must see Cubs game at famous Wrigley Field. 
  • Check out the Magnificent Mile, where you'll find fantastic restaurants and every upscale shop imaginable.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the top art museums in the country.
  • Millennium Park is Chicago's newest attraction.
  • It’s the capital city of America where all the major political decision is taken.
  • Washington has miles of museums and monuments which are almost free
  • Tourist can visit the beautiful white house and Lincoln Memorial as a favorite spot.
  • It's the perfect place to learn about U.S. history at places like
    • Mount Vernon,
    • George Washington's plantation;
    • Ford's Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was shot;
    • The White House;
    • The Capitol;
    • Georgetown;
    • And Alexandria.
Las Vegas :
  • Las Vegas is party city of America and home to some of the biggest casinos in the world.
  • Must visit Las Vegas to try your luck at its famous casinos.
  • It has world-class shopping and top-notch restaurants.
San Francisco :
  • San Francisco is known for the legendary iconic Golden Gate bridge.
  • It is known for the Chinatown and natural scenery.
  • San Francisco is an ideal city for nature lovers.
New Orleans :
  • New Orleans is famous for its French connection and with having a distinct, different popular destination for both America and international travelers.
  • This place is all about festivals, French roots, and a "laissez-faire" attitude.
  • From Mardi Gras, New Orleans' biggest party, to Jazz Fest plenty of ways to "let the good times roll" in the Big Easy.
Asheville, North Carolina :
  • This is a perfect place for the mountain lovers. The city has a unique glimpse of natural beauty.
  • In town, check out the Biltmore, the largest home in America.
  • You can Spend evenings in downtown Asheville with bursting music, art, and restaurants for serious foodies.
Hawaii :
  • This is one of the leading and world most beautiful destination for beach lovers.
  • It is the perfect destination for looking oasis and natural beauty lovers.
  • Spend your vacation in Hawaii if you're really feeling bored with having the busy life.
  • Go hiking on the island of Kauai, play with fire at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or see humpback whales in Maui. 
Sedona and the Grand Canyon :
  • It considers being the America incredible geological wonder and a major place for the adventure lovers.
  • If you want to spend some time with nature it is one of the best places to visit.
  • One of the most beautiful places in America.
Florida :
  • If you want to spend some time with a family friend then Florida is one of the beautiful places especially for an attraction like Walt Disney world, western Golf coast, and the Atlantic.
  • Check out Tampa and St. Petersburg or explore the Everglades

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