Switch Or Migrate Wix to Wordpress

September 5, 2017

Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder by this user create a simple website. However, many Wix users now realize that their options are very limited, and adding extra features on that can become quite expensive. So if Wix user wants more features and flexibility without the high costs, then they definitely switching to self-hosted WordPress is the best choice.

Steps and switch from Wix to WordPress !!

If the users are willing to switch from Wix to the Wordpress website then for this they just need to undertake the below-mentioned process step by step so that it gets completed without any error.

Steps to migrate from Wix to WordPress:

1. Sign up for WordPress web hosting
2. Setup your new WordPress site
3. Customize your site’s style and appearance
4. Import your blog posts via RSS
5. Convert your Wix pages to WordPress
6. Create your main navigational menu
7. Redirect Wix to WordPress

Sign up or Log in Wordpress web hosting :

  • To switch to a WordPress blog, the first thing user need is a web hosting account for your website. 
  • Web hosting is like your website’s home on the internet. Here all of your files and data is stored.
  • Most important thing you need a domain name (such as This is your unique website’s address on the internet.
  • Switching from Wix to Wordpress is to create a web hosting account for the website. For creating an account the users can utilize the Bluehost OR HostGator and can create the domain name on it.

Create or Setup your new Wordpress site :

  • When you purchased your new hosting plan, you’ll need to install WordPress. 
  • Bluehost offers you an easy one-click installation tool for WordPress inside the C-Panel.
  • After the account on Wordpress has been created, the users need to install the Wordpress on their systems. For this :
    - log in to the account and go to the website section.
    - select the install WordPress option and go through the onscreen instructions.
  • Once the Wordpress is installed, users are then required to create their Wordpress permalinks.

Customized your site design :

  • The users of Wordpress then are required to choose a design or a theme for their site. The appearance of the website can be totally according to the users wish.
  • Just utilize the Wordpress theme option and modify the appearance. There are various themes and among those many for free and many are paid themes I.e the users have to pay for installing those themes.
  • If the users have set any particular theme and are again willing to change it, then they can easily do it. The change of the theme can be undertaken by following some of the steps that are made for this purpose.

Transfer the blog post of Wix to the Wordpress account :

  • The users then are supposed to transfer the Wix post to the Wordpress account of the users. For this, the users will not be able to transfer each blog post individually, but they can do it by the Wix RSS feed option and can transfer the posts. For this :
  • Users can add /feed.xml to the website’s URL.
  • Once the users get the URL the users will be directed to a page where there will only be codes.
  • Users then need to give a right click anywhere on the page and should select the save as option.
  • After getting the RSS file the users can log in to the Wordpress and select on tools.
  • From the tolls, option go to import and select on it.
  • Select on install now link that is mentioned beside the RSS.
  • Then the users need to click on the run importer menu and should select the link.
  • Select on the choose file menu and click on the feed.xml and then select the upload file and import option.
  • Users then need to make a check whether the post was imported or not. For this:
    - go to the posts option.
    - select on all posts and click on view.

Transfer Or Import the Wix pages to Wordpress site :

Once the blog post has been imported the Wix page should also be being transferred. For this, the users need to create each page again one by one and then only the transfer will be enabled. For this:

  • Locate the Wix page that needs to be transferred.
  • Select all the content of the page and give a right click on it.
  • Select on a copy.
  • Sign in to the Wordpress account and go to the pages option.
  • From there select the add new menu and paste the copied items on that page so that it gets recreated.

Make the main navigation option :

For this, the users need to use the primary menu option so that the users can easily locate the new website. For this :

  • Go to the Appearance option.
  • From there select on the menu and further click on create the menu.
  • Now select the page that needs to be navigated and click on add to the menu.
  • Select on save menu option.

Redirect Wix to WordPress

At the end, now your new WordPress site is complete, and you are ready to let your readers know about your move

Therefore, by following the above-mentioned process the users can change the Wix to Wordpress and can access it easily. On the other hand, this process is quite confusing and there are chances that the users might face issues related to it. So, for this purpose directly contact the WordPress customer support and get all the issues sorted out.

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