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August 22, 2017


WordPress is the open-source free of service CMS which basically means ‘Content Management System’. Working over the web server and providing the services related to that is its main function to be done. It acts as the platform between the user and the internet world, where one can access and deliver their required details according to their need.

The one who is looking to make their required online internet blogging page then they can go through the following option. Through blogging one can earn money and this service could provide you the support in your financial status. And also one will get the opportunity to earn and at the same, they learn also. One can enhance their mental status by learning through the different working blogging platform and for any issue contact WordPress technical support team.

How to start a WordPress blog on your own?

If a person is looking to start a WordPress blog then they need to follow-up the below-given procedure which is mentioned as below. You can say as these below-given points are the basic points which you need to go through for setting up your required blog page by your own, so these most common steps are mentioned as below :

1. A registered domain name:- If any user wants to register their required blogging site or page then they need to, first of all, decide or choose the desired name of their respective blog. When anyone has chosen the required name of your blog then you need to register there the name. Thereafter your name will be get registered in your name and hence after some time, you will be able to achieve your first step of making the blog.

2. A web hosting account:- This will be the second step in making up your required blog. One should register up any of their required web hosting accounts. And when done then move to the next step.

3. Your few minutes of patience:- After doing all these above-mentioned steps you are just a few minutes behind to finally access your blogging page. And hence to get the access of your page you have updated it on the regular basis, and you need to advertise your blog to earn more from that particular services. Even the material entered over the channel should be very unique and should not be copied from any other such link. All the entered matter should be of your choice and in your own manner.

How to create a blog in WordPress?

Now suppose if anyone has done with the above initial steps such as selecting a domain name, creating web hosting account and then finally ready to get the access to it. Then one should go through the below-mentioned steps, which explain to the common user how to setup and even how to finally and thoroughly go through the whole manufacturing process. So, just go through the following given steps :

Step 1: Setup – First of all setup the blog domain name which will be the basic name through which the common person will access it by entering the name over the search address. And make that one should follow-up the below-given steps which are mentioned as follows:

  • Go to the official page of the WordPress.
  • On its homepage, just click on the ‘get started now’ button which has been shown over the page. From where you will be getting started with the blog creation.
  • Now on the next page, select the plan which you need to go through among the required options.
  • There a new window will open, where you need to enter the domain name of your website.
  • After all that user needs to enter and add the account details, which will then finalize the package info which would lead to complete the whole process.
  • Now as you have done with the whole process then you will get the email confirmation in the required registered email address.

Step 2: Install the WordPress –

  • Then after you need to install the WordPress in your system. Just scroll down and select the WordPress and just click on that icon.
  • Which will redirect you to the Bluehost Marketplace Quick install screen will display for WordPress.
  • There click on the ‘get started’ button.
  • Now it will ask you t choose your required domain name from the list and then click on Next button.
  • Then AFTER entering your site name, user name, and password for your site.
  • When done with all this just click on the install button.

Step 3: Choose your required WordPress theme – Now you have almost done with creating your WordPress blog. There select the Theme which has been saved on the homepage of your blog screen. One can even change the required theme afterward also.

Step 4: Create your first blog post – Just write up your first WordPress blog on the box provided there.

Step 5: Settings for plugins and customizations – One can customize their details from going through the settings options.

Step 6: Get started with your blog – Finally get started with your required blogging post and

Step 7: Mastering and guiding your WordPress – User should guide and get the correct assistance from the customer support if you face any kind of trouble and disturbance.

How to Contact Wordpress Support Team

Their technical support employee also provides support and help in the field of below mentioned some issues which are generally faced by the common people from day today life. So, mentioned are some of the points which are as follows :

  • How to register a domain name for free of services?
  • How does a user may choose the best web hosting?
  • The installation process of the WordPress?
  • How does a user may change the theme?
  • How to write and post the first blog post?
  • How to customize the WordPress with the plugins?
  • Making money from your blog?
  • How master and get services from the WordPress?

Hence, all these general query and questions are being solved by their highly expert WordPress support employees. There each and every official employee has the highly skilled characteristics and can every user can avail it at any given and desired time and location. Their service facility is available 24/7 hours in a day which is totally free of all service and charges. The service provided is highly praised by the common users which have been provided across the world. 

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