Snapchat Versus Instagram

February 5, 2018

The world is full of people who love to spend their time in surfing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and a few more. The growth in users of such apps went rapidly up in last few years. Seriously! Even, yesterday I received a request from my grandmother to add her on Snapchat. Everybody is getting themselves involved in the social media world.

Today, I am going to compare two of the most trending apps (Snapchat and Instagram) which allow you to make day to day stories with the help of photos and videos along with some filters and stickers, these videos automatically disappear after 24 hours. These apps are not only used by individuals like us but also used by big brands, celebrities, and politicians to stay connected to their followers. The apps also help you grow your following.

Snapchat Vs. Instagram stories: Which one is better


Back in 2013, Snapchat was the very first one to introduce “Stories”. The idea turned out to be very appealing to the young audience, who feel blessed to have such app with which they can show their creative skills that do not stay in their profile more than 24 hours.

Reasons why Snapchat is better.

Young target audience.

Snapchat was selected as the most popular social network with 39% of US teen users. Even after the growth of Instagram in the last couple of years, teens still prefer Snapchat over Instagram. So, if anyone wants to target a young audience, should go for Snapchat.


A random Snapchat user spends more than 30 minutes a day using the app. Engagement with the app has not affected by the growth of Instagram. An audience which is engaged with the app offers more possibilities for brands to reach them.

Live event coverage

People often go to music festivals or live concerts and they make Snapchat stories, which influenced the marketers of brands to use it as a marketing tool. They started showcasing the backstage scenes and exclusive videos as their stories for their Snapchat followers.

Growing potential for advertisement

In Snapchat, it is easy to create your own Snap Ads, you can also customize and measure your ads depending on your goals. You can even get the stats about growth.


Instagram came up with their new idea of “Stories” in August 2016 and most of the users quickly caught it’s resemblance to Snapchat’s Stories. In fact, CEO of Instagram - Kevin Systrom, admitted that the idea of “Instagram stories” is inspired by Snapchat.

Reasons why Instagram is better.

Daily usage

In October 2016 Instagram counted the audience with 100 million daily active users and just after 6 months, in April 2017 it grew up to 200 million daily active users. As we can get an idea that the users increased due the latest feature of Stories. This new feature went popular and grabbed more brands.

Growing audience

In December 2016, Instagram reached 700 million monthly active users and the penetration rate was 27.6% in the US in 2016. We are only expecting to see these stats going even higher. As Instagram’s audience keeps growing, there are more possibilities for brands to reach more audience.

Influencers are already there

It was a big advantage to Instagram that it was already a popular social media platform which made them easy to introduce Stories. A big number of brands and influencers were already using Instagram. Influencers and brands also noticed that their following reached heights ever since they started using Instagram stories.

Focused on user experience and introducing new features

Instagram was always focused to maintain their users by providing user-friendly interface of an app and offering great features. It provides some unique stickers, filters and mentions, Boomerang and lives video making which made Instagram Stories more interesting. Instagram’s focus is on making easy to use features.

Now, can you choose a winner?

Snapchat is the king of Stories while Instagram is in fast growth in conquering the social media world. It would be good to test out both the apps to see which one works better for you as an individual or a brand. You can judge, accord to your goals and target audience.

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