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October 4, 2017

Netflix is an American entertainment company established by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in August 1997, in  California The company expanded internationally, with streaming services continued, Netflix is functional around over 190 countries.

You can set up Netflix on your phone/ device by login into the Netflix official site, click on the link

Any issue visit:- How to contact Netflix Support

Set up Netflix on your Smart TV

  • Firstly you should have Smart TV as it runs media streaming applications. Smart TV remote has a button to launch Smart TV applications.
  • Now Connect your Smart TV to your home network depending on TV you can connect it to Ethernet -TV ports allow to connect directly to the router.
  • Simply plug an Ethernet cable into the router and into the TV to connect it to the network. Other is Wi-Fi - a wireless router to use the Wi-Fi adapter on the TV. 
  • Open the Network menu on TV and select your home network.
  • Enter the password if the network is protected.
  • Press Smart TV button that opens the applications list where you will find Netflix.
  • Now Select the Netflix application. If there is no Netflix application, download it from Smart TV's application store.
  • Login your Netflix account. Enter your login information and select your profile that supports streaming video.
  • TV remote will navigate the Netflix interface. Use the TV buttons to find the programme

Setup Netflix account on your Laptop/Computer

A.Open the internet browser and log in to the Netflix Official site-

B.Click on start or choose a plan option. You can see various plans that would be charged/ or else for trial you can check free trial package

  • Netflix has Basic, Standard, Premium plans. It depends on HD and Ultra HD availability subject matter to your internet service and device capabilities. Not every content is accessible in HD or Ultra HD.
  • Options include Unlimited films and TV programmes, Watch on your laptop, TV, phone, and tablet, Ultra HD available, Screens you can watch on at the same time, Cancel at any time

C. Now you have to create an account on Netflix by using your email id and you can create your own password on Netflix to watch Programs any time on any device from anywhere.

D.Once you create your account, Netflix will ask to Setup your payment. Payment can be done by credit card, debit card.

E. Do fill all your details (First Name, Last name, Card Number, Expiry date, Security code) for Payment online. You also have to click on Terms of Use, Privacy Statement Your Netflix Account is created. 

F. You can now Sign In to your account.

Download Netflix on your Phone Android/ iOS based

  • Go to Google play store and Search Netflix
  • Click on Netflix Entertainment Application and press install button.
  • Once Netflix is installed, it will run on your device by recognizing your phone, devices through your Google play store email id.
  • You can Start watching on any of one device, it can be resumed on another. Check out for all the TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes on which you want to watch Netflix.

Set up Netflix on Video games console

Step 1:-.First, you need to connect console which is supported by Netflix. You can watch Netflix on a variety of different video game consoles if you don't want to purchase a streaming video device. The following video game consoles are: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3,Xbox One, Xbox 360,Wii U, Wii home video game.

Step 2:- Now Install the Netflix application on Video game console which generally varies like in case of PlayStation 4, Netflix application is in the "TV & Video" section of the main menu. Netflix can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

  • In the PlayStation 3, Netflix is in the "TV/Video Services" menu of the XMB. Selecting it will guide to download the Netflix
  • In the Xbox consoles, download the Netflix in the Application section.
  • If you have a Wii, download the Netflix from the Wii Shop

Step 3:- As you have Started the Netflix application, now log in with your Netflix account. Enter your Netflix account id and password.

Step 4:- Utilize controller to choose the video that you want to watch. As you have logged in, browse the Netflix library or search for specific titles.

Netflix genre is Political drama, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Historical Drama, Science Fiction, Musical drama, Psychological Thriller, Crime drama, Mystery, animation with various season and episodes of diverse length.

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