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October 30, 2018

Sbcglobal is a telecommunication firm that provides email services. Users accessing the internet services can send and receive emails using the suffix "

Sometimes, users may face several issues with this service. In case, the users are confronting any issue with the sbc service then they can get a genuine solution by contacting email Support.

Before moving towards the remedies to the solution, getting the root causes of the problem is an important aspect.

What are the reason for email not working:

  • Here are the few reasons due to which email stop working
  • Due to incorrect server settings.
  • Due to browser issue
  • If it is not configured correctly.
  • Incorrect username and the password.
  • If there is IMAP/POP settings error.

Sometimes, the email not working is confronted due to authentication and server problem. This is a very common reason of the problem that is faced by a number of users. You can resolve the problem by opting the enlisted troubleshooting steps very conveniently.

How to resolve the problem of

  • First of all check the server status: If email is not working on your device then the basic reason may be the server issue. If the sbcglobal server is not working properly then it may cause problem. You can fix the issue by making changes to your Account Settings. What you need to do is check the server status and if it is down, wait for a while and try to log in again.
  • Check the username and the password: If you are using an invalid username or password then you may face issue with your email.
  • Resolve the browser issue: most of the time, this problem is encountered by browser issue. So it is very important to identify and cure the browser issue. If the sign in button is not working on your browser or it is not visible or you are getting the blank page for your sbcglobal email then this problem may be related to the web browser. For this, you need to optimize your web browser and then try to log in again.

If email not working on iPhone or you are unable to sign in or access your account then you can get rid of this issue by altering the server settings. For this, you need to go through the server settings thoroughly and if needed, remove the existing email account from your phone and try to re-add it.

In case of severe issue, you can contact the sbcglobal customer service for the assistance. You can also avail assistance over the phone by dialing the helpline number if your account is not responding on your iPhone. It is supposed to be the quickest method to avail help if you need an immediate solution.


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