Restore Your Gmail Contacts

July 23, 2018

GMAIL - Restore Your Gmail Contacts

It is free to email service provider which user can use anytime and anywhere and can even create many of Gmail Accounts according to the wish and desire as the creation of a new account is “FREE OF COST”. Gmail is presently having 1.4 billion customers all across the globe because of its highly advanced and upgraded services and support as it is easily accessible on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Tablets devices.

By using Gmail user can easily access all the services related to the Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, Drive-where you can save unlimited photos and videos without any obligations and disturbances. It is also viruses free email service provider which is free from all the dangerous and the harmful viruses as it creates the thin shield of protection against all the important files and the documents So that none of the outside disturbance can hamper your work productivity at any cost and at any time.


Restoring Gmail Accounts is beneficiary because it clears all the messed up in just a fraction of seconds, Yet you will find lots of different steps for restoring the Gmail Accounts but the steps which are mentioned below are one of the quickest, easy, fast and simple ways of making your work more effective and to restore your Gmail contacts from last 30 days:-

  • First of all, open your Gmail Account and then go to Contacts that you can perform by click left to your Gmail Account
  • In the left-hand side now click on “more” and select the Undo Changes
  • Now you will get the option to restore the contacts
  • You can even fix the timing as per your convenience to choose the precise moment for restoring the contacts
  • From there Confirm the changes and now you all the Gmail Contacts has been restored to your new device

Steps to restore the Gmail address book using the Old Version of Gmail Contacts

  • In the Gmail contacts click on more options
  • From the menu select the restore contacts
  • Then select the desired time to restore the contacts (During restoring anything can be happened like deleting of contacts, disappearing of the contact list and all)

Steps To Recover Freshly Added Contacts Beyond Gmail Address Book Restoration

  • For restoring the contacts, you should be sure that you are using the old version of Gmail contacts
  • From the left-hand side, select new group
  • Then you need to enter a name for the group such as "contacts to be re-imported" and then click on OK
  • For re-importing contacts make sure you will find the accurate place to import it
    • All the contacts are checked
    • Then click on Groups
    • Make sure the "contacts to be re-imported" group is checked and then click on Apply
  • Now click on all the contacts which need to import and then click on more actions
  • Select Export then from the menu
  • Then be sure that the contacts you are looking to re-import are all selected
  • Then you have to smartly Select Google CVS under Which export format
  • Click on Export afterward
  • By doing this your all contacts will restore

Being so advanced and upgraded in the market still there are some most annoying issues of Gmail which users usually face or complaint while dealing with it which includes Zero or No Internet connection, Issues while composing of new emails, Failing to attach new and multiple files, Junk files and cache memory, No fresh emails are loading, All the fresh mails are dropping in Spam Folder instead of Inbox, Unable to open multiple accounts from one account, Issues while retrieving of password Issues while making video call, Inbox memory full and many more which can easily be rectified by Gmail Customer Support team.

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