Restore Wordpress website from backup

August 25, 2017

Are you a user of Wordpress but having some common error in restoring the file and folders? Mention not as it is possible to restore the file and folders in Wordpress from Backup which helps to restore the file or its website when any issue persist in the website. despite knowing the process of restoring Wordpress from backup a user might be facing some common issue and not able to perform the task of the restore thoroughly well.

But through this article, a technician will show you how to easily restore WordPress from backup step by step procedure. But before that to avoid the unexpected hassles a user is required to deem the procedure of backup and restoring the Wordpress easily. As per the tech support engineer, a user can have the different ways to create backups with help of Backup Buddy offers a very convenient way to restore WordPress from a backup just only for your WordPress site.

And the Wordpress backup again option is the best way to create a backup in no time. A user can even go for the procedure of Manual backup of Wordpress database and then download the Wordpress file using the FTP protocol. By this way, if someone going for the restoring procedure from the backup option then follows the procedure as pointed down.

Steps to restore your Wordpress website from backup

  • First of all, make sure there is famous buddy back up file option.
  • Now click on create backup option and then go for this section.
  • You are required to login Wordpress website and then for the backup buddy.
  • Now click on the download file and then select the backup option to restore the Wordpress file and folder.
  • Click on the backup file and folder and then click on the Continue button.
  • Once when you have the backup zip file and import buddy.php stored on your computer, connect to your website using FTP.
  • Having completed the backup of your website, delete all files and folders from your server.
  • Now click on the restore option from the backup and then start the procedure of restoring.
  • Click on the next button to continue the procedure and then test your data settings to import the data eventually.

It is hoped, that now you are collecting whole important files and images after restoring the file and folder from the backup option. But if looking for any other help and guidance to dispel the problem then not to worry as Wordpress support center is always available to provide the help and support in any kind of the situation of the hassles.

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