Restore iTunes Music on your iPhone

November 24, 2017

Apple device user gets the best facility of iTunes with the use of which they can get all types of music and songs on their device. Itunes is basically a  default storage space for songs and multimedia available on all the Apple devices be it iPhone's, MAC etc.

Besides, if the user of iPhone wants to restore their whole iTunes folder on their systems then they can do this by simply following the steps mentioned below.

How to Restore iTunes Music on your iPhone?

  • First of all the user need to launch the iTunes application on their iPhone devices. 
  • If the user has signed in to their iTunes services then they should sign out to continue with the restoring process. 
  • Now the user is required to open the iTunes on their systems on which they want to restore it. It can be any system or any MAC device. 
  • Open the iTunes folder on your Mac or PC.

              On a Mac: go Home > Music > iTunes
              On a Windows PC: got to Users > Username >My Music > iTunes

  • Go to the user's option and from there select the username.
  • Proceed to my music menu and lastly select on iTunes. 
  • After this, the user needs to look for iTunes library.itl in the iTunes folder. 
  • When the user gets it they should move that folder to their desktop. 
  • Then, select ctrl and B key simultaneously. By doing this the menu bar of the iTunes will get opened. 
  • Further, go to the iTunes menu and select on file and then on add a folder to library option. 
  • Now the user is supposed to search for the folder that has the music and which they want to restore the system. 
  • Once the user gets that folder select on open and that particular item will then be added to the library. 
  • Lastly, when the folders are restored the user can remove the iTunes library.itl from their desktop.

Therefore, with the use of these above-mentioned steps, you can Restore iTunes Music on your iPhone easily. These steps should be undertaken in the correct manner so that the restoring process completes in the correct way. On the other hand, to get more details about this topic the user can directly talk with the concerned executives of Apple iTunes customer services.

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