Reset Gmail Password Without Recovery Mobile Number

May 29, 2018

Is It Possible To Do The Account Recovery Without Using The Recovery Mobile Number

To reset the Gmail account password, an individual is required to receive a reset code. When the user will receive this code, Google will be able to verify that it is only you. It is just required for you to just add an alternate email address, or provide the answer to the secret question. If you have this issue, there is need to connect with customer support team.

There are multiple technical issues that have been recovered by technicians. Here, you can find help to one:

How to reset Gmail account password without using phone number?

  • Now, you need to enter the email address. It is required to click ‘Next’.
  • When you don’t know the email address, there is need to click ‘Find my account’ button that helps you to find the account email address.
  • Click the option to “Next”, an individual will be asked to enter the last password which you remember while using.
  • When you don’t remember the current password, it is required to go to the next step with the help of an old password.
  • When you don’t remember your old passwords, it is required for you to use a ‘Try a different question’ option, it will come beside the ‘Next’ button.
  • When you “Sign in” to the account using a mobile device, it will be asked that whether you want to send a notification to the device to confirm the identification.
  • If you receive the notification, there is need ‘Yes’ button for confirming that you want to go ahead and change the password of the account
  • When you don’t have the mobile device to log in to your account, there is need to select ‘Try a different question’.
  • The next page will ask you to send an email that contains the verification code on the alternate email address.
  • The alternate email address will have appeared near the ‘Send’ button, so, you know to log in.
  • When you have the alternate email address, and you don’t set up one, there is need to tap ‘Try a different question’ and individual will be asked when they created the Google account.
  • When an individual will have the month and the year, the individual can complete initial step of verification. If there is still not any information, there is need to click ‘Try a different question’.
  • Google will give the option to use another email address by using the next screen.
  • It is required to be the account which has already added to the Google email security system, there are even other email addresses which can be used if Google is able to verify that the same person owns the account. The individual can tap the option of ‘Try a different question’ for another option.
  • When any of these solutions don’t work, you should try to check passwords which you use for other accounts, or there are other password folders which have been set up by you on mobile devices.
  • When you are not able to verify that it is only you, Google will not provide access to the Gmail account. It will keep the data and personal information safe.

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