Reset and Recover Google-Gmail password

May 23, 2017

The official worldwide famous mailing service company is known among the mailing users by the name of the Gmail. You just need to know the sign-up process for getting the access to this service which includes the basic registration process of filling the required information along with the entering of a unique mailing address as well as the password.

Now once you are done with the sign up process then after that you just need to have the credentials in your hand and you can easily manage the further settings of your account like in case you have forgotten the Gmail password then you can easily dial the Gmail toll free number and then can find the different ways of resetting the password.

Two Method to Recover and Reset Gmail Password

First Method: The first one is using the account recovery page of the Gmail- this is the easiest method to recover the Gmail password

  • So here you have to, first of all, visit the Google account recovery page and there you have to just click on this you do not remember password option
  • After that, you just need to go through the verification process where you will get a verification code onto your number by entering this code
  • The google will send you the link to reset a new password on to the alternate email address or the phone number of yours
  • Here you have an option of choosing your recovery method i.e either you can get the link on the phone number or onto the alternate email ID
  • By clicking on that link you will be forwarded to the page where you will be able to enter a fresh password for yourself
  • You need to re-enter the password followed by saving the password and you are done

 The second method of doing so is by filling out the password recovery form-

  • Here you first of all need to start the password recovery questionnaire,
  • So this is the step that would automatically start in case yo do not have any kind of the associated information about an account
    after that, you have to just enter an active email address that you frequently use
  • Because this is the same email address where you will get the response of your recovery form
  • Now you have to choose the last time when you accessed the google account that you are really trying hard to recover
  • Followed by opting a date when you have created your account, you do not need to give the exact answers
  • Entering the close answers would also work here, followed by answering the security question
  • After that, you have to enter around five frequently used email addresses followed by submitting the form and you are done

In order of any more queries related to the above process feel free to contact the Gmail customer service.


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