Recover Lost, Missing or Deleted iTunes Music

December 1, 2017

iTunes is a product of Apple, the brand which is most preferred and loved by the majority of the world. The reason being is it always ensures a precaution measure to protect the individual data. Prior updating the software, iTune always keeps a copy of the library so that the individual can recover or restore their lost iTunes library by rebuilding it from the older version. To recover or restore the lost iTune Music, the user needs to properly follow the steps mentioned below. The user needs to keep in mind that, Windows computer and Mac have different ways to resolve the issue. To do so, need to first

Steps to Recover Lost iTunes Music on Mac and Windows PC

Step 1:- Close the iTunes application on their Mac or PC

Step 2:- Then Navigate and locate the folder that contains the iTunes library and all the other media files

  • For Mac: The user needs to go Home then Music then iTunes
  • For Windows PC: The user need to go to Users then Username then My Music then iTunes

Step 3:- Once the iTunes folder on the Mac or PC is opened, the user needs to locate the Library.itl file

Step 4:- Then drag it to the desktop

Step 5:- Then the user needs to open the folder named ‘Previous iTunes Libraries

Step 6:- There he or she needs to locate the most recent iTunes library according to the dates

Step 7:- And find the file called iTunes Library YYYY-MM-DD, which appears to be the most recent

Step 8:- After locating the most recent file, he or she needs to select it and then copy it using the keyboard shortcuts

  • For Mac: The user needs to press Cmd + C
  • For Windows: The user need to press Ctrl + C

Step 9:- Then move back to the iTunes folder

Step 10:- And paste the copied file using

  • For Mac: The user needs to press Cmd + V
  • For Windows: The user need to press Ctrl + V

Step 11:- After the YYYY-MM-DD file is copied to the iTunes folder, the user need to rename it to ‘iTunes Library.itl’

Step 12:- Once this is done, then the user need to open iTunes while holding the

  • Option key on Mac
  • Shift on windows

Step 13:-This will prompt a message asking the user to choose iTunes Library

Step 14:- Then click choose library and select the iTunes library.itl file that the user has just renamed

Step 15:- Once it is restored, the user is recommended to delete the iTunes Library.itl file that was moved to the desktop entirely from the computer

These steps will help the user to recover the lost iTunes music on the computer.

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