Recover Google Analytics Account

July 25, 2018

How can the users regain access to the Google Analytics Account:

At times the users may wish to regain access to the Google Analytics Account. In such a case the users may follow a set of instructions and thus fix their issue. By following these step, the users will be able to regain access to the Google Analytics Account:

  • Then the user needs to select any one of the options stated below: the users cannot find an Analytics administrator, Analytics administrator left the company, lost administrative access, wish to upgrade the access of the user.
  • After this, the users may create a text file and then save this file as analytics.txt. 
    • The user needs to be sure that the users have the Google Analytics Account Number with them. The users may find the account number in the website source code. This is present in the head section of the website.
    • In the text file, add the (INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS) to GA account (INSERT UA-ID) with 'Manage Users and Edit' permission - date (INSERT DATE).
    • The user should not forget to replace {INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS}, {INSERT UA-ID}, and {INSERT DATE} with their own information.
  • The users may upload the text file to the root of the domain for which the user is requesting access for.
  • In case the URL of the website is, then the users should be able to visit the text file via
  • The user needs to create AdWords customer ID field.
  • The users will then receive an email or a call from the Google Online Specialist. This specialist will follow the users and provide all the detailed information for fixing the issues.

These are some of the steps that will assist the users to regain access to their Google Analytics Account in a fast and instant manner. These experts are certified professionals that might fix the issues in a well detailed and in a structured manner.

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